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Stimulus checks for gas? 

Gas is expensive but there might be some relief coming soon. Families with two children could get as much $300 per month as long...

National Cocktail Day 220

If you're like me you are celebrating National Cocktail Day! If you need some drink ideas check this out

Gayle – People Using Her Song, “ABCDEFU”, To Teach People Sign Language

She says the first time she saw her song trend was somebody using it on Tik Tok to teach sign language.  Search Gayle/sign language...

Newest TikTok Challenge

Students are taking part in a new Tik Tok challenge where they are creating fake dating profiles using pictures of their teachers. Some students...

New Doritos Flavor?

Doritos is selling a new flavor called Beef Brisket Taco. It's available for a limited time. It doesn't look like it been launched...

National Winnie the Pooh Day

Today is National Winnie the Pooh Day. Click here for more on Winnie the Pooh

Kahlua is offering a $25,000 prize to…?

Kahlua is offering a $25,000 prize to a couple who can go without Internet and social media for a month.  #KahluaStirItUpChallenge Read More   https://www.kahlua.com/en-us/stiritupchallenge/

Duracell’s new coin batteries have what?

Am I the only one who didn't know battery eating had become such a problem that we needed a bitter coating? Read More Source: Duracell’s new...

Hangover Cure

Researchers claim bread and honey is the best cure for a hangover. When honey and toast are consumed together, potassium and sodium are added...

The FDA approved eye drops that eliminate the need for reading glasses

  The FDA recently approved eye drops that eliminate the need for reading glasses. "Vuity" is aimed at people, who have trouble seeing close-up. A...
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