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The Big Hairy Question

It will make you think, It could make you smart!  Every morning at 6:45 Listen for the question everyone will be talking about all day.  The Big Hairy Question on Q102.

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Monday 10/02/23 37% of parents say this is the hardest thing about having a newborn.

Answer: choosing a name

Friiday 09/29/23 About 30% of people say they get anxious when they do this on social media.

Be Funny

Thursday 09/28/23 40% of families do this on a regular basis.

Answer: play a board game

Wednesday 09/27/23 New survey that tested these, found that 95% of them were coated in unpleasant microbes and bacteria.

Answer: A Smartwatch band

Tuesday 09/26/23 56% of people will not date someone who is not good at this.

Answer: driving

Monday 09/25/23 40% of people have done this at work.

Answers: Adjust office thermostat

Friday 09/22/23 24% of people say they get annoyed by this sound.

Answer: dripping tap

Thursday 09/21/23 Almost 1/3 of people say this is their biggest pet peeve.

Answer- People that walk slow

Wednesday 09/20/23 According to a new survey only 14% of women can do this. Answer

Answer- Whistle

Friiday 09/29/23 About 30% of people say they get anxious when they do this on social media.

Answer: Try to be funny.

Tuesday 09/19/23 75% of people would give this up for a flatter stomach.

Answer: their television

Monday 09/18/23 20% of people eat this for breakfast on a daily basis.

Answer: donut

Friday 09/15/23 21% of people do this with their pet on a regular basis..

Answer: watch TV

Thursday 09/14/23 27% of dogs own one of these.

Answer: yellow raincoat

Wednesday 09/13/23 The average family has two of these in their kitchen.

Answer: two pieces of children’s artwork on the fridge

Tuesday 09/12/23 35% of people say this is the top reason they exercise.

Answer: to keep up with their kids

Monday 09/11/23 11% of people love topping their pizza with this when they can find a pizzeria that offers it as a topping.

Answer: duck

Friday 09/08/23 Almost half of women say this is the first thing they judge a man on.

Answer- Fingernails

Thursday 09/07/23 33% of people say eating this instantly puts them in a good mood.

Answer: taco

Wednesday 09/06/23 26% of people eat this when they are having a bad day.

Answer: cake

Tueday 09/05/23 52% of couples do this together at least three times a week.

Take a selfie together

Monday 09/04 At Home Sleeping

Yep still at home. LOL

Friday 09/01/23 The average person will use this over 10 times a day.

Answer- Trash Can

Wednesday 08/30/23 About 10% of American adults insist they have never done this?

Answer: Googled themselves

Tuesday 08/29/23 The average person will buy 6 of these in their life.

Answer: Washing Machine

Monday 08/28/23 84% of people say this is the top sign you have become a grown up.

Answer: bought your first home

Friday 08/25/23 50% of foodies say it would be a dating deal-breaker if their date didn't like the same kind of _____ (food) as they did.

Answer: peanut butter

Thursday 08/24/23 36% of women say a man who accessorizes with this, is sexy.

Answer: Aviator sunglasses

Wednesday 08/23/23 Only 30% of millennials still use this.

Answer - Bar of soap

Tuesday 08/22/23 Women say this is the second worst thing men do when they are in bed.

Answer: cutting their toenails in bed

Monday 08/21/23 30% of people have gone here on a first date.

Answer: amusement park/carnival

Friday 08/18/23 44% of singles say THIS is a bigger turnoff than bad breath.

Answer: bad credit

Thursday 0817/23 33% of people love eating this when watching football games.

Answer: French onion dip

Wednesday 08/16/23 62% of parents have done this for their kids.

Answer: Gave them a piggy bank

Tuesday 08/15/23 49% of parents get emotional when their child experiences this 'first'.

Answer: lose a tooth

Monday 08/14/23 61% of women wish their partner gave them more of these. did this more often.

Answer: give them compliments

Friday 08/11/23 The average person burns 2,724 calories per month doing this.

Answer: mopping

Thursday 08/10/23 32% of people believe that if they do this on a daily basis then their health will improve.

Answer: take vitamins

Wednesdayy 08/09/23 19% of people have pretended to be THIS to impress a potential partner.

Answer: a vegan or vegetarian

Tuesday 08/08/23 20% of women would leave their partner if this happened to them.

Answer: lost their hair

Monday 08/07/23 31% of adults say this is the hardest thing about parenting.

Answer: putting kids to bed

Friday 08/04/23 60% of people scroll through their phone during this.

Answer: church service

Thursday 08/03/23 According to a survey, it takes 6 weeks of dating someone before it’s ok to do this.

Answer- Steal food off their plate

Wednesday 08/02/23 41% of people believe they are compatible with someone if they both like this.

Answer: same hobbies

Tuesday 08/01/23 7% of men improve their appearance by doing this.

Answer: get waxed

Monday 07/31/23 1 out of 5 people say this was the best moment of their life.

Answer- Passing drivers test

Friday 07/28/23 45% of people do this when they are stressed.

Answer: shop

Thursday 07/27/23 3 out of 10 people have ended vacation early because of this.

Answer: Bad cell service

Wednesday 0726/23 out of 10 people have ended vacation early because of this

Answer- Bad cell service

Tuesday 07/25/23 New survey shows over 70% of millennials think this is too expensive

Answer: Wedding

Monday 07/24/23 38% of mothers say this is the thing they look least forward to at the end of the day.

Answer: doing dishes

Friday 07/21/23 40% of people say they are more productive when their working environment has this.

Answer: plants

Thursday 07/20/23 People living in the Northeast do this more than anybody else.

Answer: Buy a lotto ticket…..New York number one

Wednesday 07/19/23 13% of people did this after they became a parent.

Had a tattoo removed

Tuesday 07/18/23 15% of people do this every morning.

Answer: Pep talk

Monday 7/17/23 37% of people say a couple is getting serious when this happens.

Answer: delete dating apps from phone

Friday 7/14/23 30% of people prefer not to engage in small talk with this person?

Answer: Barber/hair stylist

Thursday 7/13/23 A survey found that 15% of people said this is what they do to cool down in the summer.

Answer: Wear cotton pajamas.

Wedneday 7/12/23 Storms

Are Fun

Tuesday 7/11/23 It takes 2 hours and 8 minutes of this activity to burn off the calories in a Big Mac (550).

Answer: play video games

Monday 07/10/23 46% of singles want to know this about someone before going on a date with them?

Answer: their astrological sign

Friday 07/07/23 16% of people have got in a car wreck because of this.

Answer: Sneezing

Thursday 7/6/23 20% of people use this to make sure they have a perfect selfie.

Answer: Ring light

Wednesday 07/05/23 New study shows the cost of this is up 15% compared to last year.

Answer: Chips

Tuesday 07/04/23 We are sleeping

Tuesday 07/04/23 We are sleeping

Monday 07/03/23 Over 60% of people own one of these.

Answer: U.S. Flag

Friday 06/30/23 26% of people have turned down a second date because they didn't like this about their date.

Answer: their bad breath

Thursday 06/29/23 10% of men have done this while playing video games. What is it?

Answer: punched a wall (throw a punch)

Wednesday 06/28/23 13% of people insist that this food item should be kept in the refrigerator?

Answer: Peanut Butter.

Tuesday 06/27/23 24% of people get embarrassed when they have to buy this. What is it?

Answer: Hemorroid Creame

Monday 06/26/23 30% of car owners say they have no idea how to do _________ for their car.

Answer: Fill the Windshield Washer Fluid

Friday 06/23/23 41% of people this smell this brings them joy and relaxes them. What is it?

Answer: fresh rain

Thursday 06/22/23 The average American worker will spend 24 minutes a week doing this at the office.

Answer: Making coffee

Wednesday 06/21/23 48% of people say they have to have this when grilling out.

Answer: watermelon

Tuesday 06/20/23 17% of Summer travelers say this is their biggest pet peeve about fellow airline passengers.

Answer: ''Maximum Recliners''

Monday 06/19/23 22% of people have this U.S. landmark on their bucket list to visit.

Answer: Niagara Falls

Friday 06/16/23 28% of people do this to relax when they are stressed.

Answer: cuddle with a pet

Thursday 06/15/23 31% of kids have never eaten one of these.

Answer: an orange

Wednesday 06/14/23 The number of people who do this alone has gone up nearly 30% in the last year.

Answer: Go camping

Tuesday 06/13/23 45% of male teens do this twice a day.

Answer: douse themselves in cologne

Monday 06/12/23 33% of high schoolers did this during the past school year.

Answer: smoked a cigarette

Friday 06/09/23 When asked for the #1 reason they had switched jobs, 10% of people said this.

Answer: A shorter commute

Thursday 06/08/23 9% of women say this is the top thing they would change about their partner.

Answer: His cologne

Wednesday 06/07/23 21% of women have looked at this while their husband was in the shower.

Answer: His credit card statement

Tuesday 06/06/23 65% of people with a male roommate have busted them with this in their room.

Answer: dirty dishes

Monday 06/05/23 3% of people have tried to drive and eat this at the same time.

Answer: a hot dog

Friday 0602/23 5% of pets have eaten this.

Answer: a book

Thursday 06/01/2334% of people say they would sleep better if this happened..

Answer: they had a new pillow

Wednesday 05/31/23 13% of online daters lie about this.

Answer: Their smoking habit

Tuesday 5/30 13% of online daters lie about this.

Answer: their smoking habit

Monday 5/29/23 A new poll asked "What is the greatest summer smell?" The top three answers were fresh cut grass, rain, and barbecue. What was #4?

Answer: Suntan lotion/sunscreen

Friday 05/26/23 Only 11% of husbands do this when they are home.

Answer: take the garbage out

Thursday 05/25/23 Memorial Day is almost here. Burgers and hot dogs are the top two most popular bbq dishes. What's the third? Answer: kebabs

Answer: kebabs

Wednesday 05/24/23 72% of women say men should not wear this during the Summer.

Answer: socks with sandals

Tuesday 05/23/23 Almost 6 in 10 people say you should never do this when going out to dinner?

Answer: Order the same thing as your dinner companion

Monday 05/22/23 31% of women say their husband is terrible at _________ .

Answer: remembering anniversary

Thursday 05/18/23 The average person gets 11 of these a year.

Answer: headaches

Wednesday 05/17/23 25% of people would do this on vacation, but never anywhere else.

Answer: go to a nude beach

Tuesday 05/16/23 A new survey found that 2 out of 5 people said they would rather do this with their pet than their partner.

Answer: Go to Mars

Monday 05/15/23 Who was the greatest TV mom of all time?

Kitty Forman from “That 70’s Show”

Friday 05/12/23 20% of dogs and cats have chewed on this.

Answer: their owners phone

Thursday 05/11/23 A little over half of adult women have at least $250 worth of ____ that they never use.

Answer: Watches

Wednesday 05/10/23 18% of people know someone who has kept this as a pet.

Answer: Shark

Tuesday 05/09/23 58% of people check for this when visiting friends' homes.


Monday 05/08/23 The average woman can do this in 2 minutes and 5 seconds while the average man can do it in 1 minute and 36 seconds.

Answer: change a diaper

Friday 05/05/23 Two of these are sold every time you blink.

Answer: Big Macs

Thursday 05/04/23 1 in 7 people have read (blank).

Answer: Someone else’s diary

Weds 05/03/23 Single men increase their chances of getting a date by 33% if they own this.

Answer: a guitar

Tuesday 5/30 13% of online daters lie about this.

Answer: their smoking habit

Tuesday 05/02/23 Mothers say this is the worst thing you can buy them for Mother's Day.

Answer: a vacuum cleaner

Monday 05/01/23 79% of women have purchased this .

Answer: sarong

Friday 04/28/23 College students shouldn't touch this because it has over 3 million germs on it.

Answer: Beer Pong Ball























Wednesday 01/25/23 A recent survey finds that people who eat this camp more than five times a month.
Grilled cheese sandwich.

Tuesday 01/24/23 One in eight women have had to teach their partner how to use this.
The coffee maker

Monday 01/23/23 48% of couples who live together cannot agree on this.
How to fold towels

Monday 09/20/22 Only 2% of women think this looks good on a man.
Man Bun

Wednesday 04/20/22 Women clean this once a month while men clean it once a year.
Their home’s windows

Tuesday 04/19/22 10% of people have eaten six or more of these at one meal.

Monday 04/18/22 15% of people have blown off a workout because they were too busy doing this.
Watching Netflix

Friday 04/15/22 37% of people have embarrassed themselves in a work meeting by doing this.

Thursday 04/14/22 79% of health nuts have tried this health fad.
Celery juice

Wednesday 04/13/22 Only 8% of people can’t remember their first (blank).

Tuesday 04/12/22 Kids say this is the #1 thing that will put them in a bad mood in the morning.
Having to finish their homework

Monday 04/11/22 31% of students have given this to a teacher at one time or another.
coffee mug

Friday 4/08/22 20% of people will visit this place once the coronavirus lockdown ends.
dog park

Thursday 04/07/22 The average woman will devote 35% more time to doing this than the average man.
Packing for a trip

Wednesday 04/06/22 26% of people do this when they make a home-cooked meal.

Tuesday 04/05/22 Your co-workers are almost 30% more likely to do this on a Friday.

Monday 04/4/22 53% of people have broken a diet with this.

Friday 04/01/22 About 60% of Uber drivers say this is one of the worst things you can do when they give you a ride.
Slam the door

Thursday 03/31/22 35% of people don’t wash their clothes after doing this.

Wednesday 03/30/22 This is one of the top three pet peeves of people, who binge-watch movies and TV shows with others.
Loud chewing or chewing with mouth open

Tuesday 03/29/22 The average person who does this will do it for 86 days.
Become a vegetarian

Monday 03/28/22 53% of people do this for their pet.
switch on a light

Friday 03/25/22 66% of women would rather receive this every day from their partner than an expensive gift like a handbag.
cup of coffee brewed for them

Thursday 03/24/22 Approximately 70 people in America will injure themselves this year while doing this at their job.
Copying their face on the copy machine

Wednesday 03/23/22 94% of women have used their rear-view mirror to do this while driving.
pluck a facial hair

Tuesday 03/22/22 hey may be too embarrassed to admit it, but one in eight men have done this in the last month.
Shaved their legs

Monday 03/21/22 Nine percent of people say they won’t ever wear (blank).
A seatbelt

Friday 03/18/22 40% of women have tried to improve their appearance by doing this.

Thursday 03/17/22 Seven percent of people have a real fear of putting on (blank).
Bowling shoes

Wednesday 03/16/22 The average one of these is only meant to be used for 270 days.
A bra

Tuesday 03/15/22 16% of teens don’t think they could last a day without this.
their laptop

Monday 03/14/22 53% of women say this is the most stressful thing about going to the doctor.
getting weighed

Friday 03/11/22 Two-thirds of men and one-third of women consistently lie when doing this.
Talking to their doctor

Thursday 03/10/22 Americans will eat approximately 9 billion (blank) this year.

Wednesday 03/09/22 A study by Harvard Medical School reveals that eating ___________slashes a person’s risk of an abnormal heartbeat by more than 20%.

Tuesday 03/08/22 23% of self quarantining women have stopped doing this.
stopped shaving their armpits

Monday 03/07/22 34% of mothers love stealing this food from their children’s plates.
mac and cheese

Friday 03/04/22 5% of people kill time at work by looking at this.

Thursday 03/03/22 Female online daters, who are fans of this TV show receive 30% more messages than women who aren’t fans of the show.
Game of Thrones

Wednesday 03/02/22 Six percent of people don’t know a single (blank) by heart.

Tuesday 03/01/22 38% of people have lost sleep at night because they were thinking about this.
medical bill

Monday 02/28/22 27% of dogs have chewed on this.

Friday 02/25/22 Online daters, who send messages that compliment someone’s _______get 13% more responses.

Thursday 02/24/22 The consumption of this increases by 9% during March Madness.

Wednesday 02/23/22 23% of people eat this when binge-watching Netflix.

Tuesday 02/22/22 Mothers-to-be who boost their intake of THIS during the first three months of their pregnancy are up to eight times more likely to have babies who cry less.

Monday 02/21/22 We are sleeping on Presidents Day!

Friday 02/18/22 Nearly 40% of people agree this is one of the most frustrating things about their daily commute.
Having to wait at a red light when no one is coming from the other direction.

Thursday 02/17/22 This is the dirtiest part of an Uber car with over 5 million germs.
power window buttons

Wednesday 02/16/22 A survey found that 16-percent of football fans did this during the season, what is it?
Gained 20 or more pounds

Tuesday 02/15/22 This is the second most stolen snack at work.

Monday 02/14/22 The best place in the house to hide something is (blank). This was the #1 answer.
In the laundry room or laundry basket

Friday 02/11/22 Experts claim that the top two foods that even the pickiest eaters will still eat are (blank) and (blank).
French fries and Mac ‘n cheese

Thursday 02/10/22 27% of teens own this.

Wednesday 02/09/22 16% of single men say this is the first thing they look at on a dating profile.
job status

Tuesday 02/08/22 A survey of experts found this to be the best thing you can do to start your day.
Drink a glass of water

Monday 02/07/22 Spring Cleaning experts say this drink can be used to safely polish furniture.

Friday 02/04/22 Almost one in ten people say there is not enough (blank) at their job.
Actual work to do

Thursday 02/03/22 A survey of 64,000 people lists this as the top comfort food.
grilled cheese

Wednesday 02/02/22 53% of people who have one say they never use it.
The sunroof/moonroof in their car

Tuesday 02/01/22 59% of women do this before a date.
put on perfume

Monday 01/31/22 41% of people DO NOT want this for Valentine’s Day.
teddy bear

Friday 01/28/22 This is one rule that 55% of people say they’ll never break.
Having too many items in the express checkout lane

Thursday 01/27/22 95% of people say doing this makes them feel better after a bad day.

Wednesday 01/26/22 Couples say this is the third best place to propose.
a theme park or an amusement park

Tuesday 01/25/22 People who own this, are 15 times more likely to be judged negatively.
Apple iPhone

Monday 01/24/22 50% of women have canceled a date because of this.
bad hair day

Friday 01/21/22 The #1 most romantic movie is Gone with the Wind. What is #2?
Pretty Woman

Thursday 01/20/22 The #1 thing forgotten by adults is where they put their keys. What’s #2?
What they need from the store, or why they even went

Wednesday 01/19/22 28% of people say they do this to support their favorite team.

Tuesday 01/18/22 People will spend $933 million on this for Valentine’s Day.
greeting cards

Monday 01/17/22 28% of people say a great Super Bowl party has this homemade dish.
spinach dip

Friday 01/14/22 25% of people would rather give up drinking than this.

Thursday 01/13/22 Besides phones and other electronic gadgets, these are the #1 things left behind in Las Vegas hotel rooms.

Wednesday 01/12/22 49% of people crave this on a daily basis.

Tuesday 01/11/22 12.5 million pounds of this will be eaten on Super Bowl Sunday.

Monday 01/10/22 A new survey found that women were nearly 5-times more likely to do this on New Year’s than men, what is it?
Spend it with a pet.

Friday 01/07/22 The average person downs 1,795 calories every time they eat here.
when they go to the movies.

Thursday 01/06/22 Spicy food lovers are six times more likely than non-spicy food lovers to have done this activity.
gone bungee jumping

Wednesday 01/05/22 15% of men have done this job.
mow the lawn

Tuesday 01/04/22 23% of people dip their chicken wings in this.
teriyaki sauce

Monday 01/03/22 Men say this is the fourth-best thing about being a guy.
Not having to shave your legs, armpits etc.

Friday 12/31/22 6% of people say this is the worst dollar store holiday gift they have received. What is it?”

Thursday 12/30/21 This is the most disliked piece of clothing a person can receive as a Xmas gift.

Wednesday 12/29/21 A survey says the best go-to gift for anyone on your list is…what? #2 Was a  Gift basket

Tuesday 12/28/21 What is the most commonly returned Xmas gift item?

Monday 12/27/On average, THIS happened to many people on Christmas morning at 9:58?
First fight or argument!

11/04/21 Thursday 20% of people have made this home improvement before having friends and family over for the holidays.
Paint their walls

11/03/21 Wednesday 38% of people would give this up if their partner asked them to.

11/02/21 Tuesday The average person eats this twice a week.

11/01/21 Monday 60% of people say others who reuse this are cheap.
Coffee filters

10/29/21 Friday 49% of couples would be willing to give up “camping” for six months if it meant they could make this bigger.
Their closet

10/28/21 Thursday 98% of women say their partner should never do this.
Wear a Speedo

Wednesday 10/27/21 46% of us do this every time we watch our favorite TV shows.
Sit in the same spot

Tuesday 10/26/21 30% of women do this to relax.
drink wine while taking a bath

Monday 10/25/21 ​​25% of women have regular dreams about this.
buying shoes

Friday 10/22/21 44% of people say eating this puts them in a food coma.
mashed potatoes

Thursday 10/21/21 More than 30% of single people say that if asked about this on a first date, they would lie.
If they snore

Wednesday 10/20/21 27% of women snack less when they are doing this.

Tuesday 10/19/21 The average woman will purchase 207 of these over the course of her life.

Monday 10/18/21 18% of drivers get nervous on the highway because of this.
driving next to a truck

Friday 10/15/21 The top three places where couples kiss outside their home are: The car, the airport, and (blank).
An elevator

Thursday 10/14/21 A person needs to dance for 4 minutes to burn off this snack.
One Dorito chip

Wednesday 10/13/21 49% of women want their partner to do this when they are sick.

Tuesday 10/12/21 The average woman will purchase 220 of these over the course of her life.

Monday 10/11/21 14% of single men will swipe right on a dating app if they see a woman that has this.

Friday 10/08/21 95% of men say having this makes them feel manly.
facial hair

Thursday 10/07/21 68% of women prefer to shop for this on their own.

Wednesday 10/06/21 What sounds are guaranteed to make you happy? Fifteen percent of people included this sound in their list.
A cat’s purring

Tuesday 10/05/21 Singles, who mention this in their online dating profile get 144% more messages than those who don’t.

Monday 10/04/21 48% of people have hid this purchase from a partner.

Friday 10/01/21 15% of Americans say they definitely judge people by this?

Thursday 09/30/21 A study published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine reveals that this food is as addictive as drugs.

Wednesday 09/29/21 79% of teens say this distracts them when they drive.
GPS talking

Tuesday 09/28/21 9% of married couples tell people they met here.
Coffee shop

Monday 09/27/21 44% of teens have no idea how to do this.
Change tire

Friday 09/24/21 A person would need to do 25 minutes on the elliptical to burn this off.
A Carmel Apple

09/23/21 Thursday 22% of people have never done this with their family.
Attend a family reunion

09/22/21 Wednesday 6% of people brought this with them when they took a driving test.
lucky charm

Tuesday 09/21/21 People in Oregon drink more of these than any other state.
Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Monday 09/20/21 58% of men say this is the first thing they judge a woman on.

Friday 09/17/21 What are you likely to forget to take on vacation? One in seven people said (blank).

Thursday 09/16/21 50% of people do this while watching sports.
Eat pizza

Wednesday 9/15/21 Women say if they won the lottery the first three things they would buy is a home, Tiffany’s jewelry and this designer. Who is the designer?
Christian Louboutin Shoes

Tuesday 09/14/21 27% of college students belong to this.

Monday 09/13/21 58% of men go to bed on a regular basis without doing this.
Washing their face

Friday 09/10/11 24% of people say this is the most unattractive drink a person can order
An alcoholic apple cider

Thursday 09/09/21 9% of women say it’s sexy when a man picks them up for a date driving this
Hybrid or electric car

Wednesday 09/08/21 11% of women have never cooked this for a family dinner
A roast

Tuesday 09/07/2121% of people immediately do this after breaking up with someone.
Change Facebook status to single

Monday We sleeping in!!

Friday 09/03/21 10% of divorces occur because of this.
Gambling debt

Thursday 09/02/21 According to a recent survey of Tinder members. They found that men often swipe right for women who work as… a real estate agent, radiology tech or an entrepreneur. However, women most often swipe right for men who work as…

Wednesday 09/01/21 50% of employees named this as one of the perks they most want at work.
Free soda

Tuesday 08/31/21 53% of teens do this once a week.
Clear their browsing history

Monday 08/30/21 Only 63% of fathers have this in case of an emergency.
Kids insurance cards

Friday 08/27/21 22% of parents always have to remind their kids to do this.
Keep your elbows off the table

Thursday 08/26/21 This is in your kitchen and has 750 times the normal level of bacteria that’s considered safe.
Lettuce/Veggie Drawer

Wednesday 08/25/21 25% of people have a neighbor, who does this.
Plays an instrument

Tuesday 08/24/21 8% of parents will steal this candy from their kids this Halloween.

Monday 08/23/21 34% of people say doing this helps get them out of a funk.
cleaning the house

Friday 08/20/21 32% of women have been shamed by someone because they thought their choice of this was trashy. What is it?”
The book they are currently reading

Thursday 08/19/21One in twelve people say they have a lucky (blank).
Pair of socks

Wednesday 08/18/21 8% of couples have eaten this on a romantic date. What is it?”

Tuesday 8/17/21 12.5% of women have had a dream about this person?
Their partner’s brother

Monday 08/16/21 41% of women are turned on by a guy who has this.
A 5 O’Clock Shadow

Friday 08/13/21 Relationship experts say couples that do this 3x a day have a better chance of having a successful relationship then those that don’t.

Thursday 08/12/21 6 billion of these are sent each day.

Wednesday 08/11/21 29% of singles say this is a dating turn-off.
Nasty Fingernails

Tuesday 08/10/21 A survey found this to be the most boring thing you can talk about.
Your salary

Monday 08/09/21 90% of schools will serve this at lunch this year.

Friday 08/06/21 36% of women never get rid of this.

Thursday 08/05/21 The average parent will say this to their child four times a week.
Tie your shoes

Wednesday 08/04/21 19% of women won’t respond to a man if he starts out a conversation on an online dating site by saying ________ .

Tuesday 08/03/21 33% of people say if they had to choose a final meal they would eat this.
fried chicken

Monday 08/02/21 11% of men believe they look guilty when they do this for their partner.
clean the house

Friday 07/30/21 Almost 30% of women say this is their favorite way to relax in the office.
Take off their shoes

Thursday 07/29/21 28% of all arguments during a road trip are over this.
Who ate the snacks

Wednesday 07/28/21 “33% of people have borrowed this without permission. What is it?”
password for Netflix or Amazon Prime

Tuesday 07/27/21 14% of Americans have used this term of endearment with a significant other.

Monday 7/26/21 33% of kids refuse to eat this. What is it?”

Friday 07/23/21 People use this on a daily basis. It has 106 times more bacteria and germs than a toilet seat.
water bottle

Thursday 07/22/21 7% of hotel housekeepers have found this left behind in a room.

Weds 07/21/21 35% of singles have decided not to go on a second date with someone because they didn’t like this about them.
their cologne or perfume

Tuesday 07/20/21 20% of people have lied about this on their resume.
Their awards

Monday 07/19/21 33% of parents do this before going back to school shopping.
apply for a new credit card

Friday 07/16/21 The average person waits five weeks before discussing this with their new partner.

Thursday 07/15/21 56% of women won’t leave the house until this looks perfect.

Wednesday 07/14/21 Fifty years ago, 70% of homes in America had at least one of these. Today, it’s 18%.
An ashtray

Tuesday 07/13/21 9% of women believe they are more productive at work when they are wearing this.
their favorite lipstick color

Monday 07/12/2021 8% of Millennials do this on a regular basis while driving.
Video chat (Skype or FaceTime)

Friday 07/09/2021 92% of women love when this makes a man cry.

Thursday 07/08/2021 44% of people say they have to do this on vacation.
Walk on a beach at sunset.

Wednesday 07/07/2021 Men (55%) now do this more than women (43%) during the school year.
Prepare kid’s lunches

Tuesday 07/06/2021 8% of people have checked this while on the toilet.
Messages from their dating profile.

Monday 07/05/2021 Happy 4 of July Weekend!!!

Friday 07/02/2021 15% of people say this is the most romantic place to share a kiss.
In front of a fireplace

Thursday 07/01/2021 37% of men do this seven times a week.
Send a text message while driving.

Wednesday 06/30/2021 72% of people have bought this, even though they can’t pronounce it.

Tuesday 06/29/2021 2% of people have grossed out others by admitting that they kissed this.
Snake or lizard

Monday 06/28/2021 37% of people say watching this puts them in a good mood.
A Sunrise or Sunset

Friday 06/25/2021 32% of people say eating this is their guilty pleasure.

Thursday 06/24/2021 25% of people would choose to eat this rather than make love.

Wednesday 06/23/2021 68% of people do this before going on a road trip.
Check the air in their tires.

Tuesday 06/22/21 5.7% of people always ignore emails from this person.
Human Resources Manager at work

Monday 06/21/21 The average person receives 8 of these every year.
birthday cards

Friday 06/18/21 Eating this candy can raise your blood pressure.0

Thursday 06/17/21 17% of Millennials would rather give up this for a week than give up their phone.

Wednesday 06/16/21 A third of people say they will do this only when they’re on vacation.
eat desert

Tuesday 06/15/21 Online daters, who send messages that compliment someone’s __________ get 11% more responses.

Monday 06/14/21 49% of women won’t date a man, who doesn’t have this.
Sense of Humor

Friday 06/11/21 16% of married people have done this without telling their spouse.
have secret credit card

Thursday 06/10/21 36% of women own 10 or more of these.

Wednesday 06/09/21 The average person doesn’t fully appreciate this until they turn 29 years-old.

Tuesday 06/08/21 24% of married women have had an affair with this person in their dream.
Their personal trainer

Monday 06/07/21 17% of people would take a pay cut for more of this.
More closet space

Friday 06/04/21 32% of women and 18% of men have had nightmares about losing this.
Their teeth

Thursday 06/03/21 44% of people would rather do this household chore than call a 1-800 customer service number.
Scrub a toilet

Wednesday 06/02/21 Researchers say this is responsible for a 20% decrease in “camping” among couples.

Tuesday 06/01/21 56% of people have kept one of these for more than 20 years.
Stuffed Animal

Monday 05/31/21 54% of people admit they’ve forgotten this and had to call someone for help.
Where they parked their car

Friday 05/28/21 3 out of 4 parents have surprised their kids by doing this.
Singing their songs

Thursday 5/27/21 A third of husbands don’t remember this, while more than 80% of wives do.
The date of their first date

Wednesday 5/26/21  33% of pet owners have gifted their pet with this on their birthday.
a song

Tuesday 5/25/21  31% of women have broken up with a guy because he (blank).
Wasn’t smart enough

Monday 5/24/21 Women were asked to use one word to describe their spouse or partner, and this was the #1 answer.0

Friday 5/21/21 About one in five people will do this immediately after a divorce.
Move back in with their parents

Thursday 5/20/21 26% of people will eat this at a Summer barbecue.

Wednesday 05/19/21 59% of women dislike it when a man wears this.

Tuesday 05/18/21 Doing this household chore burns 41 calories.
Folding Laundry

Monday 05/17/21 57% of women won’t date a man who has this problem.
Smelly Feet

Friday 05/14/21 20% of people will visit this local outdoor location.
Dog Park

Thursday 05/13/21 43% of people have experienced this on a road trip.
A Flat Tire

Wednesday 05/12/21 People who wear this, have no idea that it’s three times dirtier than a toilet seat.
A Watch

Tuesday 05/11/21 37% of Millennials haven’t purchased this in the last year.

Monday 05/10/21 16% of people say this is their least favorite veggie.

Friday 05/07/21 Even if they’ve never done it before, 29% of men say they could do this with no problem.
Kick A Field Goal

Thursday 05/06/21 This is the top food item that people have broken a diet with while quarantining.
Piece of Cake

Wednesday 05/05/21 41% of dog owners say this is one of their pet peeves.
Strangers Petting their Dogs

Tuesday 05/04/21 If they’re reincarnated, 12% of people said it would be cool to come back as (blank).
A tree

Monday 05/03/21 4% of people have lied about this on their resume.
Their GPA

Friday 04/30/21 One in twelve people say they’re embarrassed to admit they can’t do this.
Snap their fingers

Thursday 04/29/21 7% of people admit they did this when they were in high school.
Forged a parent’s signature

Wednesday 04/28/21 28% of people say others shouldn’t wear this article of clothing when dining out.
tank top

Tuesday 04/27/21 88% of dog owners do this on a daily basis because they think their dog likes it.
Sing to them

Monday 04/26/21 38% of people have borrowed this from a roommate without telling them.

Friday 04/23/21 One in seven people were terrified of these when they were a child, and half of those people are STILL scared of them as an adult.

Thursday 04/22/21 42% of people do this when they have a cold.
gargle saltwater

Wednesday 04/21/21 30% of parents feel closer to their kids when they do this with them.
Watch TV

Tuesday 04/20/21 20% of men have lied to this person.
Their Doctor

Monday 04/19/21 Doctors say having one of these is good for your heart.
A dog

Friday 04/16/21 24% of people never clean this even though they wear it every day.
A Watch

Thursday 04/15/21 Three percent of people admit they’ve broken down and cried in the last year over this.
computer problem

Wednesday 04/14/21 28% of people do this when they make a home cooked meal.
Listen to music

Tuesday 04/13/21 80% of people have tasted this produce in a grocery store without paying for it.

Monday 04/12/21 People were asked to name the most important products in their life, and their phone was #1, followed by their car and their (blank).

Friday 04/09/21 The Big Hairy Question:
38% of people still do this as adults at the dinner table.
blow bubbles in a drink

Thursday 04/08/21 The Big Hairy Question:
The average man has never cleaned this in their home.
the oven

Wednesday 04/07/21 If 20% of brides could go back in time and change this about their wedding, they would.

Tuesday 04/06/21 One in sixteen couples who get married have this in common.
they will stay married for at least 50 years

Monday 04/05/21 37% of women would be willing to give this up in exchange for never having to do housework again

Friday 04/02/21 13% of people would rather spend a night in jail than do this in the Spring.
Their Taxes

Thursday 04/01/21 15% of cheating men have owned this pet.
a reptile

Wednesday 03/31/21 What’s most likely to start an argument in the car? 8% of people said (blank).
Driving in the passing lane

Tuesday 03/30/21
21% of people fake this when they want to end a conversation or their time with someone.
A yawn

Monday 3/29/21
76% of college students experience this at one time or another.
being broke

Friday 03/26/21 38% of women dislike it when their partner does this?

Thursday 03/25/21 40% of women, who have had an affair all have this in common.

Wednesday 03/24/21 42% of people have this food at every barbecue and cookout.
Baked Beans

Tuesday 03/23/21 68% of people do this before bed.
Kiss their S/O goodnight

Monday 03/22/21 4% of people claim they get their exercise by doing this.
Video Games

Friday 03/19/21 45% of singles would like to do this on a date.
Mini Golf

Thursday 03/18/21 One in twelve people have a fear of (blank) at their office.
The Copy Machine

Wednesday 03/17/21 20% of people have drank this on a first date.

Tuesday 03/16/21 12% of people walk by this once a day at work.
Vending Machine

Monday 03/15/21 Women say these are the top two things they like to splurge on. Flowers and ______________.

Friday 03/12/21 Drinking three of these a day can cut a man’s cancer risk by 53%.

Thursday 03/11/21 Researchers at Wake Forest University say drinking this makes you smarter because it has high levels of oxygen-enhancing nitrates and nitric oxide.
Beet Juice

Wednesday 03/10/21 People are 41% less likely to get a LIKE if they do THIS in their dating app and social media pictures.
Wear Sunglasses

Tuesday 03/09/21 15% of Women have done this before a wedding

Monday 03/08/21 2% of people own this pet

Friday 03/05/21 Online daters, who send messages that compliment someone’s _______get 11% more responses.

Thursday 03/04/21 37% of women say they pay particular attention to this on a first date.
Table manners

Wednesday 03/03/21 29% of people plan to spend their tax refund on this.
Utility Bill

Tuesday 03/02/21 40% of people dislike this about their neighbor.
their dog

Monday 03/01/21 If you’re an average American, you’ll spend about 1,800 hours this year doing this.
working your job

Friday 02/26/21 55% of women say this is their least favorite thing to shop for.
Swim Suit

Thursday 02/25/21 Six percent of women have a (blank) they took from a former partner and just never gave back after the breakup.
A Hat

Wednesday 02/24/21 88% of dog owners do this because they think their dog likes it.
sing to them

Tuesday 02/23/21 52% of men say they’d never want their mom to see (blank).
browser history

Monday 02/22/21 37% of women have done this before giving birth.
went tanning or gotten a spray tan

Friday 2/19/21 25% of workers say this is the worst thing about their office.
uncomfortable office chair

Thursday 2/18/21 : According to a new study… researchers say that to be on the safe side, you should eat this when it’s less than 12 hours old.

Wednesday 2/17/21 The average teen spends $1,078 on this.

Tuesday 2/16/21 27% of the Gen X generation (born in the (1965 – 1980) had this growing up.
A perm

Monday 2/15/21 37% of men would give this up for a full head of hair.
Alcohol and booze

Friday 2/12/21 28% of people have made this impulse purchase.

Thursday 2/11/21 10% of people think wearing this improves their chances of getting a promotion at work.

Wednesday 2/10/21 62% of men got nervous about their wedding the moment this happened.
When they were getting dressed in their tux

Tuesday 02/09/21 26% of people do this when they are cooking.

Monday 02/08/21 28% of people DO NOT want this for Valentine’s Day.

Friday 02/05/21 16% of people consistently break their diet with this?

Thursday 02/04/21 25% of people have had their day ruined because this happened first thing in the morning.
no hot water for their shower

Wednesday 02/03/21 45% of women say they do this chore because their partner hardly ever does.

Tuesday 2/02/21 39% of singles judge other singles by this.
their grammar

Monday 02/01/21 30% of people would rather do this during their free time than “camp”.

Friday 01/29/21 Only 11% of people say this is their favorite pizza topping.
BBQ/Buffalo Chicken

Thursday 01/28/21 39% of people want this for Valentine’s Day.
A Home Cooked Meal

Wednesday 01/27/21 Giving this gift on Valentine’s Day will increase your chance of romance by 20%.
A Spa Day

Tuesday 01/26/21 34% of people have done this while watching the Super Bowl.
Fallen Asleep

Monday 01/25/21 14% of people will eat this on Super Bowl Sunday.

Friday 1/22/21 47% of parents say this is their favorite thing to do with their kids.
Play Board Games

Thursday 1/21/21 33% of singles are turned off by someone, who has this.
A cat

Wednesday 1/20/21 10 million pounds of this will be eaten on Super Bowl Sunday.

Tuesday 1/19/21 A new survey asked “What’s in your junk drawer that you just can’t throw away?” The #1 answer was keys, followed by _____.
Twisty Ties

Monday 1/18/21 17% of people would rather walk five miles than see this person.
A Dentist