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The Big Hairy Question

It will make you think, It could make you smart!  Every morning at 6:45 Listen for the question everyone will be talking about all day.  The Big Hairy Question on Q102.

Wednesday 8/26/20 10% of people say this is their favorite thing to eat at a barbecue.

Tuesday 08/25/20 30% of men say this celebrity would be a ‘nightmare’ to date

Monday 08/24/20 88% of women say a man who wears this is sexy.
a Coronavirus Mask

Friday 08/21/20 5% of people waste time at work by looking at this.

Thursday 08/20/20 Researchers say women who want to get pregnant should eat this at least twice a week.
Ice Cream

Wednesday 08/19/20 7% of people have never drank this.
a margarita

Tuesday 8/18/20 This item can be found around the house and contains twice as many germs as a toilet seat. Extra Clue: handle
barbecue grill

Monday 8/17/20 51% of men and 40% of women have almost gotten into an accident because of this?
A Billboard

Friday 8/14/20 The average mother spends 55 minutes a week doing this.

Thursday 8/13/20 ‘8% of couples regularly argue about this. What is it?”

Wednesday 8/12/20 20% of people have left this (specific thing) in their car. What is it?”
banana peel

Tuesday 8/11/20 13% of online daters receive more messages when they post pictures that show this. What is it?”
pictures of their tattoos

Monday 8/10/20 11% of people have a smartphone with this. What is it?”
cracked screen

Friday 08/07/20 81% of women do this chore in a relationship.
change the bed sheets

Thursday 08/06/20 10% of men have been called home in the middle of the day because of this.
Their partner was ovulating and ready to conceive

Wednesday8/04/20 44% of people say this is the best thing about a wedding
goody bag

Tuesday 8/03/20 34% of people say this makes them feel better than eating ice cream.

Monday 8/02/20 14% of kids want to be this when they grow up.
Zoo Keeper

Friday 7/31/20 32% of people would be willing to give this up for a year in order to get rid of credit card debt.
Their Inlaws

Thursday 7/30/20 11% of kids will get this before going back to school.
new glasses

Wednesday 7/29/20 The average man spends four hours a week doing this in the Fall and Winter.
Fantasy Football

Tuesday 7/28/20 75% of families attempt to do this once a year together.
Go Camping

Monday 7/27/20 The Big Hairy Question: 33% of people have checked their Facebook account here. Where is it?”
in a movie theatre

Friday 07/24/20 26% of people regret not paying more attention in this class as a kid. What is it?”
a foreign language class

Thursday 7/23/20 25% of balding men would give this up in order to get their hair back. What is it?”
their mother-in-law

Wednesday 7/22/20 14% of men are turned on by the sound of this persons voice.
Alexa’s voice.

Tuesday 7/21/20 35% of people do this less in a heatwave
Make Love

Monday 7/20/20 55% of women would not date a man, who owned this. What is it?
A Tarantula