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“They” Are Coming to Get Us in Trailer for “Snowden”


Open Road Films(NEW YORK) — Writer/director Oliver Stone’s back to doing what he does best — making us all paranoid about the U.S. government — in the trailer for Snowden, which dropped late Wednesday morning.

Joseph-Gordon Levitt stars as Edward Snowden, the real-life former NSA contract employee who created international headlines when he leaked highly classified information about government surveillance of private citizens.  Many believe the surveillance to be illegal, while others claim it’s vital to national and international security.

In the Snowden trailer, it’s not clear which side Stone takes, if any, but he racks up the tension with of images of omnipresent cameras, grainy surveillance videos, computers doing computer things, and lots of dialogue about how “they” are coming for Snowden — and they’re not happy.

The movie’s based in part on The Snowden Files, by British journalist Luke Harding, and a forthcoming book by Snowden’s Russian attorney, Anatoly Kucherena.  Snowden himself is currently living in Russia, where he fled after leaking the files.

Snowden also stars Shailene Woodley, Tom Wilkinson, Zachary Quinto, Nicolas Cage, Melissa Leo, Scott Eastwood, and Rhys Ifans.  It’s out September 16.

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