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“The Bachelorette” Recap: JoJo and the Bachelors Move on After Chad


ABC/Veronica Gambini(NEW YORK) — Monday’s episode of The Bachelorette picked up with the remaining 13 men toasting Chad’s departure.

Wells called Chad “arguably the worst person anyone has ever met.” The guys then gave Chad a mock memorial, each taking his protein powder and scattering it on the ground. “Death to tyrants,” added Wells.

However, Chad returned for one last confrontation with the bachelors. He told the group that Alex outed him to JoJo, explaining that when he’s backed into a corner, “sometimes you have to do things that aren’t pretty.” After Chad left, the guys responded by picking Alex up and chanting “dragon slayer.”

We haven’t seen the last of Chad though, as it was revealed that he’ll be heading to Bachelor in Paradise.

Afterwards, there was a rose ceremony in which James F. and Daniel were sent home.

Then, JoJo and the 11 guys jetted off to Punta Del Este, Uruguay, where she invited Jordan on a one-on-one date involving a yacht and swimming with hundreds of seals. However, the date was spoiled when JoJo confronted Jordan with something one of his ex-girlfriends heard about him being a lousy boyfriend. He explained that at the time he was focused solely on his football career. “I wasn’t the best person,” he admitted before denying he cheated. Jordan assured her he’s changed his ways and she offered him a rose.

Back at the hotel meanwhile, the other bachelors began to question JoJo’s intentions after discovering a tabloid magazine in which a former boyfriend claimed they were dating the entire time she was on The Bachelor and that she’s still in love with him. After the men confronted her about it, she told them she hadn’t been faking anything and insisted she was there for the right reasons. They were satisfied with her explanation and supported her.

The next day, JoJo met Luke, Derek, Chase, Evan, James, Vinny, Grant, Wells and Alex on the sand dunes of Uruguay for a fun day of sand surfing. But the outing was cut short by a torrential rainstorm. At one point, Derek told JoJo about his growing feelings of jealousy. JoJo decided to give Derek the date rose for “reassurance,” and unwisely mentioned it in front of the other guys. Alex called it a “pity rose.”

Another one-on-one date saw Robby and JoJo dive into the local culture on their one-on-one date which included rock climbing. Robby – an Olympic swimmer – eventually convinced JoJo to jump off the rocks into the water. Later, over dinner, she told him she felt “safe” with him. He then made a stunning confession, declaring he’d fallen in love with her. JoJo gave him a rose.

Before the second rose ceremony, Derek spoke to Robby, Alex, Chase and Jordan telling them they look like a high school clique. Jordan thought it was a non-issue, and Alex claimed Derek was just being sensitive.

Chris Harrison announced there would be no cocktail party. They will be going straight to the rose ceremony and three of them will be going home.

JoJo gave roses to Luke, Chase, Alex, James and Wells, which meant Vinny, Evan and Grant were sent packing.

The Bachelorette continues Monday night on ABC.

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