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“Independence Day” Star Bill Pullman Says Expect a Visual “Smorgasbord Beyond Belief” from “Resurgence”


Bill Pullman in “Independence Day: Resurgence”; Claudette Barius/Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation(LOS ANGELES) — Independence Day: Resurgence, the sequel to the 1996 smash alien invasion film, had its premiere Monday night in Hollywood.

And at the event screenwriter Nick Wright told ABC Radio that he knows the new movie has big shoes to fill.

“There’s always a lot of pressure, especially with a film like this — there’s such a huge fanbase,” he says. “Will it ever be better than the first one? I don’t think so, ’cause the first one is one of the most iconic American blockbusters of all time.”

Still, Wright says, “The spectacle and scale and fun that you have watching this movie is great.”

Star Bill Pullman, who played President Thomas J. Whitmore in the first film and reprises the role of Whitmore 20 years later, says people should expect something different with the new picture.

“It’s a different era and so the movie has to be, just by definition has to live with the times and so the times are that it needs to be visually a smorgasbord beyond belief,” Pullman says. “It’s visually beautiful in scale, a lot happens out in space, so there’s a whole different kind of storytelling going on.”

And speaking of a lot happening out in space, what does Pullman think about aliens off-screen?  “I actually saw something about a week ago,” he says, “it was a guy at the University of Rochester who determined that the real likelihood is that they have existed….The math that they actually had existed is probably more incredible than you’d believe.”

Independence Day: Resurgence hits theaters this weekend.

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