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“America’s Got Talent” Recap: Kids Once Again Rule


The Russian Bar Trio on “America’s Got Talent”; Trae Patton/NBC(LOS ANGELES) — America’s Got Talent continued on Tuesday night with more singers, comedians and dancers.

Tuesday’s showcase included a 13-year-old stand-up comic and a 12-year-old country singer, both of whom advanced to the next round.

Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Mel B were back behind the judges’ table to offer their opinions and decide which acts would advance. Also back this season is “The Golden Buzzer,” which gives each judge one opportunity to send an act straight to the live shows.

Here’s a rundown of some of Tuesday’s highlights:

Good Girl are four ladies ages 21-23 who have a dream of being the American Spice Girls. Their performance of En Vogue’s “Don’t Let Go (Love)” pleased former Spice Girl Mel B, who thought the routine was “flawless.” Heidi loved the band’s “attitude.” Simon thought the girls definitely had talent, but called their performance “copycat.” He believed there was definitely a “hole” in the market for them to fill, but urged the group to do something more “quirky” next time. The quartet earned four “yeses” and move on to the next round.

The John Rothman Dancers, led by 79-year-old Rothman, consisted of him and four ladies whose ages range from 70-80. The dancing impressed the judges, especially Rothman’s cartwheel at the end of the routine. Simon said the troupe brought to mind the film Cocoon, about a group of retirement home residents who discover a fountain of youth. Howie was amused, but wondered how the act would stand up to the rest of the talent on the show and voted “no.” However, the crew received “yeses” from the rest of the panel, and move on to the next round.

The Russian Bar Trio tried out for the show once before during season three, but had to bow out when one of its members suffered an injury. Determined to bounce back, they tried again on Tuesday, with a much better result. Their routine featured the female of the group performing a series of dangerous flips and jumps on a bar, held by two men. Heidi thought the routine was “incredible.” Mel B declared that her heart was pounding out of her body. Simon noted it was “more than a comeback, it was a triumph.” They got a unanimous “yes” from the judges and advance in the competition.

Texas native Kadie Lynn Roberson, 12, is a big-voiced singer who performs at churches around her hometown. She sang Merle Haggard’s “Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Star” and impressed the judges, including Mel B, who was amazed at the control Kadie had over her voice, declaring the performance “a home run.” Howie was impressed with the way Roberson tackled a song about love at such a young age. Heidi marveled at Kadie’s confidence. Simon noted that after digging and digging, they found a diamond, adding that in a few years we’ll remember this as the moment Kadie was discovered. She earned four “yeses” from the judges.

Duo Guerrero – consisting of Aura and her husband Werner — is a duo in their 50s who performed a high-wire act outside the theater. After doing a split, Werner jumped over her. Next, Aura balanced on a chair on the tight rope. For their finale, Werner balanced on Aura’s shoulders as she walked across the wire, then jumped off, onto the rope. Back in the theater, Howie said he was more terrified than ever. Simon thought the act was “extraordinary” at their age. The panel all agreed to move them on to the next round.

One Voice is a high school cappella group from Tennessee who performed Rozzi Crane’s “Half the Man.” Simon teased the group by saying, “I didn’t like it,” before adding, ”I loved it.” Mel B was pleased that she could hear all 12 voices in the group, explaining that it’s not easy to do. Afterwards, one of the members of the group provided an “aww” moment, when he recreated a scene from the TV show The Office and handed a female member a teapot with a note inside. It was an invitation for her to be his date for their school prom. She said yes – as did the judges — who sent the group on to the next round.

Lori Mae Hernandez is a 13-year-old comedian who took up comedy after her dad was diagnosed with Bell’s palsy, which paralyzed half his face. She was determined to make him smile, something that had become nearly impossible for him. She not only succeeded in making that happen, but also brought a smile to the AGT judges and audience members. Her act, which centered on her experience as a babysitter, included a poke at presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. After noting that her only qualification as a babysitter is that she was once a baby herself, she said it was like asking, “Weren’t you the host of a reality show? You wanna be president of the United States?”  Simon declared Lori could be the next Tina Fey. He and the other judges all voted to send her to the next round.

Sal Valentinetti, 20, delivers pizzas on Long Island, New York, and is determined to bring back the classic songs of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin as a means of keeping the memory of his late grandmother alive. Sal crooned Sinatra’s “My Way” and drew a standing ovation from the judges, including Simon, who called Sal “an old soul,” noting songs like this require genuine dedication. Mel B praised him for his power, control and tone. Howie called Valentinetti a “good-hearted, loveable guy who has a real talent.” Heidi hit her “Golden Buzzer” for the singer, guaranteeing him a spot in the live shows.

America’s Got Talent airs again next Tuesday at 8 p.m. Eastern time on NBC.

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