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Too soon? “Cannibal love story” from Armie Hammer’s former ‘Call Me By Your Name’ director gets flamed



LR- Hammer, Guadagnino, Chalamet — Karwai Tang/WireImage(LOS ANGELES) — (NOTE LANGUAGE, CONTENT) As allegations against Armie Hammer continue to mount, accusing him of having sordid fantasies involving cannibalism, some Internet users are crying foul over a new project reuniting his former film collaborators.

The Hollywood Reporter noted that Call Me By My Name director Luca Guadagnino and Hammer's co-star in that film, Timothee Chalamet, were in talks to reunite for Bones and All, based on Camille DeAngelis' novel about a young woman who "has the urge to kill and eat the people that love her," which has been described as a "cannibal love story."

While Hammer wasn't involved in the film, gossip site Just Jared's Instagram posted a picture of Guadagnino, Chalamet, and Hammer together, and one of the first comments happened to be from Hammer's ex-wife, Elizabeth Chambers, who wrote, "No. Words."

While Chambers' brief, cryptic comment can be interpreted any number of ways, it earned thousands of likes.

Recently, Hammer's 22-year-old ex-girlfriend, Paige Lorezne, made new and disturbing claims to the Daily Mail, and displayed a photo of a small "A" she claims he carved into her. She also said he was "obsessed" with the idea of "taking a piece of me…and consuming it."

The initial allegations, reportedly culled from leaked and unverified sexting DMs, led Hammer to drop out of the Jennifer Lopez& film Shotgun Wedding. In a statement to Entertainment Tonight, Hammer later called the first allegations "bulls***…" and "…vicious and spurious online attacks…"

In a statement to DailyMail.com, Hammer's lawyer said of the latter allegations, 'These assertions about Mr. Hammer are patently untrue. Any interactions with [Lorenze], or any partner of his, were completely consensual in that they were fully discussed, agreed upon, and mutually participatory.'"

By Stephen Iervolino
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