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Every Monday we ask you a question and you text your answer to us at 712-258-1023! Siouxland Secrets on Q102!

11/18/19 I still feel terrible about accidentally killing…….

Whenever I was about 6, I went to vacation Bible School and they were going to have a turtle race for prizes. I found the cutest little tiny turtle and we practiced every day. I pampered him letting him swim around in my Barbie pool and I fed him carrots and lettuce and broccoli. And I kept him in this little critter keeper box that is vented so perfectly safe for travel. So the day came for the big race and we won and I was so excited about my trophy and my candy that I won that I ran inside the house and forgot my turtle in the car for several hours. It was mid July in southern Missouri. My cousin and I performed a funeral for him and I buried him in a little matchbox underneath the walnut tree. I was devastated.

I once had a rabbit and when I look back in the rearview mirror his little rabbit friend was right next to him 🙁

I still feel terrible about killing my love life

One of my tabby farm cats, named Skeeter I was closing a huge overhead door to machine shed and broke it’s back!! Had to finish putting him out of his misery and I was 13!!

I still feel terrible forever cuz i let my little parakeet cuz i was so busy working r busy on r farm it was harvest season

I feel terrible for accidentally killing my neighbors cat…I didn’t see him!

A mouse. I was chopping thistles when I was little. I brought the hoe up and half the mouse is stuck on the hoe and half the mouse was on the ground.

Killing the frog and dissecting him in science class when I was in 7th grade.

My daughter’s boyfriend

For accidentally killing my brain cells when I accidentally flipped the channel and ended up watching Fox news for a few seconds 🤣

When I was a kid my gerbil peachy got loose I was on my knees and it crawled in between my ankles and I went down and crush it with my ankles

A plant my grandma had forever. I tried. I’m not good with plants. The roots were showing. Like the plant tried to commit suicide and leap from the pot.
RIP Fern. Sorry.

My brother killed the bird in the microwave when he was 8. I’m sure hes sorry about that so I’ll send it in for him

I feel bad for accidentally killing the fuzzy caterpillar. I caught him and names him harry and gave him a haircut and cut him in half.

I was in a hurry getting ready for work, and I stepped on my kitten that i had just got a week b4. I squished it’s head. 🙁

went out and started my car and heard a thump. Then saw the neighbors cat come out and go hide under my evergreen. Couple days later she came over and said have you seen my cat. I said it has been a few days but not recently…

Siouxland Secrets: Having tried it once…. I will never again…. Text your responses to 712-258-1023 and we will keep you anonymous.

Never choking down carrot cake ever again.

Will never stay this long again. First red flag, I’m gone.

Never try spam again. One bite was enough.

I will never again try sushi yuck

Tubing on the ocean in Jamaica. I could only picture myself falling into the mouth of a shark

Brussel sprouts

Dating a best friend. (He asked me out on a bet from his friends then broke up 2 months later after he got what he wanted to win the bet, I didn’t know about the bet I just thought why not when he asked me out)

Never again go cliff diving ( hello butt flop/ black and blue legs). Also never again water skiing ( water up the hoohaa…ouch)

Siouxland Secrets: If I knew I wouldn’t get caught, I’d totally

If I knew I wouldn’t get caught, I’d rob a bank

id hack the credit bureau, and change my credit

Eat an entire bag of licorice jellybeans in your studio before you get to work.

See how fast I could get from sioux falls to omaha

I’d totally print money.

Kidnap my wife’s cousin’s son

If i wouldn’t get caught.. I would take everyone wanting free education and health care, and toss them in a hole then fill it with concrete

If I knew I wouldn’t get caught I’d smoke pot lol

If I wouldn’t get caught.. I would get out of Brad’s basement and write a tell all book of my suffering

Pick up some random guy at a bar for a nightful of hot NSA camping

I would be a vigilante justice killer. Maybe not to the extent that Dexter was but U get the point, and I would start with the person who said he fill a whole full of people who want free education and healthcare

Is this Q102? Idk I forgot the number hope one of these is the right one, forget robbing a bank , If I knew I wouldn’t get caught I would totally text Trump and tell him we all already know about his toupee, spice it up a bit, maybe try Orange, it’s your color. And just see how much he tweets about it.

If I knew I wouldn’t get caught I would sneak into my neighbors house and hide dead fish in every nook and cranny of her house!

If I wouldn’t get caught. I would lock up Hillary Clinton

If I knew I wouldn’t get caught, I would break into all the drug dealers houses. They have a ton of money

If I knew I wouldn’t get caught, I would steal from the rich to give to the poor

If I wouldn’t get caught.. I would cancel the following tv shows. The voice, dancing with the stars, American idol, and Stephen Colbert