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Power’s Naturi Naughton says Tasha represents motherhood and black women’s strength and resilience



Photo credit: Marc Baptiste Power’s Naturi Naughton is probably one of the most relatable characters on the series for black women.

Over the last six seasons, we've watched her character, Tasha, fight for her family in the streets, in the courtroom and at home. Her willingness to keep her family together at all costs is what many admired about her being the matriarch of the family. Viewers admired her undying love and fight for her son, Tariq, played by Michael Rainey, Jr., and how she held it down as Ghost’s ride or die, even though he doesn’t deserve it.

Tasha always appeared fierce and strong, yet vulnerable, which attributes to her parenting.

“Motherhood requires us to become superhuman, Naughton tells Vibe. "And I think that every superhero sometimes gets hit. Every superhero sometimes falls or their wings don't always open up the right way. Or their cloak doesn't always help them fly. I think people forget we're also human sometimes. That's why it is so painful because you have to put on a mask at times and be a superhero for our kids.”

Naughton loves playing Tasha: “I hope that Tasha signifies the strengths of us as black women, the resilience that we possess,” she says.

She also revealed she was shocked to see her role as a nurturing mother now required her to teach Tariq the game.

“Sometimes I want to tell Tasha, ‘Tariq just needs a good ol’ whooping! What are you doing protecting him?’” Naughton says. “I think that's Tasha's flaw, that she's blinded by love for her son. And I think that's something that she will have to suffer for.”

Naughton will maintain her role as Tasha in the upcoming squel Power Book II: Ghost this summer, alongside Michael Rainey, Jr. and others from the original cast.

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