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Love Rekindled at 93yrs old Via Skype


For years, 93 yr old Norwood Thomas thought his WWII girlfriend Joyce was dead. He’d read a news story back in the 1990s about a plane crash out of London. One of the victims listed in the report, an Englishwoman, sounded a lot like his Joyce.

Joyce confesses to thinking of him over the years, too. She’d sometimes daydream about her romance with Tommy and wonder how his life had turned out. Then, a few weeks ago, as her son Rob worked on his computer, she asked: “Can you find people on that thing?” He typed in “Norwood Thomas, 101st Airborne,” which led to an old Virginian-Pilot story about a D-Day paratrooper who went skydiving for his 88th birthday. Rob contacted a newspaper reporter in Virginia, who then called Norwood on his cellphone.