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Kevin Hart Says His Mom “Was the Opposite of Funny”


ABC/Ida Mae Astute(NEW YORK) — Kevin Hart hits the big screen this weekend with Dwayne Johnson in the action comedy Central Intelligence, and, as part of the media blitz to promote the movie, Hart sat in as Kelly Ripa’s guest host on Thursday’s Live with Kelly.

The funnyman shared that his tough home life served as an unlikely early comedic inspiration. “That was my release,” he said of humor. “In my household, my dad was in and out — he was around, then he wasn’t around. But my mom was such a strict parent — the only way to counter strict, is with goofy…”

Hart continued: “Here’s the thing, though: I don’t know where the funny came from, because my mom is the opposite of funny. What was funny was me making my mom mad in her angriest moments.”

Hart explained his father was, “more obnoxious with his humor.” 

Kevin gave an indication of how tough his mother was. “My mom had a strong right hand…Today, you can’t do the things that were done to you…The stuff that my mom hit me with — today my mom would be in jail,” he said with a laugh.

Hart said he doesn’t hit his own kids, “But my voice carries the thought of what’s gonna happen after.”

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