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John Boyega dishes on his “really, really fun” Netflix film ‘They Cloned Tyrone’, calls it a “stateside ‘Attack the Block'”



ABC/Lou Rocco(NEW YORK) — Before John Boyega signed his recent deal with Netflix to develop more African-focused films, the Star Wars star was excited about another major project with the streamer: his upcoming sci-fi movie They Cloned Tyrone.

"This is me just going home for a bit," Boyega tells ABC Audio of the film, which is described as "Friday-meets-Get Out," and follows an unlikely trio who investigates a series of creepy crimes plaguing their neighborhood.

"I've just come off of two kind of intense projects. Chase Palmer's Naked Singularity…and then Steve McQueen's Small Axe," he says. "So They Cloned Tyrone is just a chance for me to have fun… and chill."

The British actor also notes that the new film has "a good, intelligent script" and reminds him of his 2011 feature film debut, Attack the Block.

In that critically acclaimed film, Boyega starred as Moses, a teenage gang leader who helped defend his friends and neighbors against deadly alien invaders.

"Like, this is stateside Attack the Block for me," he explains, adding, "I'm just more than excited to see a small little hood go through an alien experience."

"Yeah, maybe that's what I should do, just go from each country," he jokes, offering ideas on future films. "Alien experience…in Russia. Alien experience in…China. We actually go to each country."

"But it's been really, really fun and I can't wait to start on that," he adds.

A streaming date for They Cloned Tyrone has yet to be announced.

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