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‘Curtsy-gate’: Former UK politician, Internet users find footage of Meghan Markle curtsying on ‘Suits’

Courtesy of Prince Harry and Meghan, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex

One of the more headline-grabbing moments of the Netflix series Meghan and Harry was Meghan Markle claiming to be nervous before meeting Queen Elizabeth II for the first time.

At issue was Meghan's claim nobody taught her how to properly curtsy, as royal etiquette requires. As Prince Harry watched, the former Suits actress pantomimed an extremely exaggerated, and many said, disrespectful bow she said she did before the Queen Mother.

Markle also compared the pomp and circumstance of meeting the longest-serving monarch in modern history — and Harry's beloved grandmother — to "Medieval Times, dinner and tournament."

Critics of the so-called "runaway royal" cried foul on the curtsy claim, among them right-wing former British Parliament member-turned journalist Nigel Farage. And this week, he brought receipts: a clip from Markle's former show Suits, in which she performed a perfect curtsy.

"So there you are, in her professional life, she had to curtsy, but somehow when she married Prince Harry, she forgot what a curtsy was and had to make a huge, huge deal of it." Farage recently sniped on his GBN show. "How awkward, and difficult the whole thing was, no doubt she felt oppressed by all of it."

The Internet also caught that same clip, and with one Instagram user commenting it "only proves she knew well how to curtsey [sic] long before she met Harry," calling, "her whole BS on Netflix about curtsying to the [Queen Elizabeth II] was just a mockery."

On his show, Farage said some criticism of Markle is over the top, but admits, "Meghan does tend to just drive people absolutely, totally, and utterly barmy."

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