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Bob Saget wants you to check out ABC’s ‘Videos After Dark’ — after the kids are in bed


ABC/Eric McCandless(LOS ANGELES) — After Tuesday’s finale of The Bachelor on ABC, stick around for a sneak peek of Videos After Dark, hosted by original America’s Funniest Home Videos host, Bob Saget.

Saget tells ABC Radio he wants families to watch Videos After Dark and have some laughs, but warns “put the kids to bed” first, because the show is for older family members.

“It’s an edgier show,” says Saget. ” It’s got, you know, little kids, all of the sudden they say something that gets bleeped and they’re two, and you’re wondering, ‘what’s going on?’ And then all of the sudden, you know, there’s a flame thrower and a turkey and the house catches on fire and you’re like, ‘god!’

Maybe he’s exaggerating, a little.  Adds Saget, “The most important thing to me is before people go to bed is laugh. And it is at other people’s expense, but they sent the tape in.” 

The Videos After Dark sneak peek airs Tuesday at 10 p,m. ET, following The Bachelor season 23 finale on ABC.

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