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Meghan Trainor says new Jason Mraz duet “More Than Friends,” is a “sister” song to “Lucky”


Jimmy FontaineJason Mraz and Colbie Caillat cornered the market on cute love songs when they released their Grammy-winning duet “Lucky” in 2009. But now, nearly 10 years later, Jason’s new duet with Meghan Trainor, “More Than Friends,” threatens to be even more adorable.

Meghan tells Billboard she sees “More Than Friends” as a “sister” song to “Lucky,” which is one of her favorite tunes of all time.  It proved to be a last minute addition to Jason’s upcoming album, Know.

“I listened to a lot of his songs on the album, and they’re all amazing,” Meghan says. “But I was just thinking, ‘I don’t hear a lot of my favorite Jason Mraz on here,’ which is that adorable ukulele pop, like ‘Lucky.’”

Jason says, “We didn’t really know if we’d even write a song the day we met, but we flattered each other with our fandom-ness toward each other, and she flattered me by saying, ‘I want to write something as adorable as ‘Lucky.’”

The two wrote the song in a few hours, inspired by their own relationships with their significant others. Jason married Christina Carano in 2015 and Meghan is engaged to Daryl Sabara.

“I think saying ‘simple and adorable’ as an intention is a great way to start, because we knew we didn’t have to save the world with a song,” Jason says. “We just wanted to make something cute.”

Jason’s album Know. comes out August 10, while Meghan’s album, Treat Myself, comes out August 31.

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