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Lady Gaga was “blown away” by Bradley Cooper’s singing ability in “A Star Is Born”


Matt Crossick/BBC AMERICAWhen it comes to music, it probably takes a lot to impress Lady Gaga, because she’s so talented herself. But she says one of the reasons she wanted to appear in A Star Is Born is because her co-star and director Bradley Cooper wowed her with his ability to sing.

In an advance clip of the season premiere of The Graham Norton Show, which will air Friday on BBC America , Gaga says when she first met with Cooper about the role, he asked her to sing with him — and she admits she couldn’t get over how much musical talent he had.

“I was blown away by him,” Gaga tells Norton.  “I mean, he sings from his soul, he sings from his gut. And when he sings, he’s a storyteller.  And I was just so moved by his passion for music and for this film.”

When Norton asks Gaga how much convincing it took Bradley to get her to sign on to the movie, she explains, “Quite frankly, it was him that had to convince other people to have me in the movie, not anyone trying to convince me!  And he really fought for me.”

As she puts it, “You could have a hundred people in the room that are watching and 99 don’t believe in you, and one does, and that was him.”

You can watch the full interview on Friday when The Graham Norton Show airs October 5 at 11 p.m. ET on BBC America. October 5 is also the same day A Star Is Born arrives in theaters, and the day the soundtrack is released.

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