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“GMA” gets sneak-peek at “Blade Runner: 2049”


Warner Bros./Stephen Vaughan(NEW YORK) — On Good Morning America Monday, Ryan Gosling gave fans a sneak peek at the long-awaited sequel to Ridley Scott’s 1981 cult classic Blade Runner: Warner Bros.’ Blade Runner: 2049

Gosling stars alongside the movie’s original star, Harrison Ford, whose character, Rick Deckard, belonged to an elite unit of detectives sent to hunt down rogue artificial humans known as replicants. 

Gosling plays Officer K, who tracks Deckard down for help with a case. 

Scott produces, and Arrival‘s Denis Villeneuve directs.  Oscar-winner Jared Leto also stars in the film, apparently as the creator of a new kind of replicant, while Robin Wright appears as an authority figure; her character has yet to be revealed.  

Dave Bautista, best-known as Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Drax, is also in the cast, and in the trailer, he’s seen throwing Gosling through a wall during an interview gone wrong.

Bautista, who describes himself to ABC Radio as a “big muscle-head on the outside, all geek on the inside,” tells us it was “surreal” to work with Harrison Ford on the movie.

Bautista laughs, “It really felt like I was in some kind of a weird dream…I grew up watching Harrison, so being…on set with him, and talking to him — and having him talk back to me…it’s a dream, man!” 

But the former wrestler says he had to convince director Villeneuve that he was right for the part.

“He right off the bat said he didn’t think I was right for the role,” he laughed. “So I was crushed, but we actually just sat down for a couple of hours and just talked about everything but Blade Runner…and I actually got a call back…So I kinda won him over!” 

The movie opens October 6.

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