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“The Bachelorette”: JoJo Chooses Her Final Four


Alex and Jojo; ABC/Veronica Gambini(LOS ANGELES) — With hometown visits looming, JoJo Fletcher went on a series of dates in the Argentinian countryside on Monday night’s episode of The Bachelorette.

There were three one-on-one dates, but JoJo didn’t hand out a rose on any of them. She did present a rose on the group date.

JoJo invited Alex, the U.S. Marine, on the first one-on-one date — and his first one-on-one date. She was concerned that she wasn’t connecting with him on a romantic level.

The two were on the same page when they dressed in gaucho outfits for a day of horseback riding and horse whispering. All the horseplay appeared to change JoJo’s opinion of Alex — at least it seemed that way at first — since they shared a few kisses.

Alex declared he wanted to leave it all out on the line, and told JoJo he was falling in love with her. Unfortunately for him, she didn’t feel the same way. “In my heart, I don’t think I would get to that point,” she said.

Out of respect for him, she said, she had to send him home right away. With that, the two hugged, and JoJo showed him to his car.

Next up was Jordan, who took a private plane with JoJo to a vineyard. They stomped and danced on grapes.

In a less-juicy moment — or maybe it was more juicy — Jordan revealed that he isn’t close to his famous brother, NFL star Aaron Rodgers. He said he didn’t even think Aaron knew he was competing on The Bachelorette. JoJo was grateful that he shared such personal info.

Jordan then admitted that he is “so in love” with JoJo, and “it’s so real.” She didn’t give him the Alex treatment; instead, she made out with him.

Rain foiled JoJo’s adventurous plans for a group date with Chase, James Taylor and Robby. Her backup plan was to order room service and play games with the guys. During a game of Truth or Dare, Robby stripped down to his underwear and ran down the hotel hallway.

Afterward, the men took turns opening up about their past and their feelings. Long story short, they all want to be with JoJo. Robby got the group date rose, and therefore got to spend a little more time with her. They used that extra time to kiss.

For the final date of the night, JoJo got back on the saddle — literally — as she took Luke out for horseback riding. They also tried their hand at skeet shooting. JoJo was on a self-described “high” at the end of the date, confident that she could plan a future together with Luke if she chooses him.

JoJo skipped the cocktail party and jumped to the rose ceremony. The final rose came down to Chase and James. JoJo picked Chase and eliminated James.

“You touched my heart in so many ways…you made me a better person,” she told James before he went home. In turn, he thanked her for being so sweet to him.

Next Monday night on ABC, JoJo will be back in the U.S. to meet the families of the final four.

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