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Robert Downey Jr. Shares What Fans Can Expect from “Captain America: Civil War”


L-R: Chris Evans and Robert Downey, Jr. in “Captain America: Civil War”; Zade Rosenthal; Marvel Studios/Disney(LOS ANGELES) — Excitement is building for Captain America: Civil War, which hits theaters Thursday night. It’s a film that fans have been anticipating for a long time — and a project that Robert Downey Jr. had hoped would become a reality.

In the latest Captain America movie, Chris Evans’ titular character clashes with Downey Jr.’s Iron Man over a controversial government policy intended to regulate the superheroes.

Downey shares with ABC Radio, “I remember the comic book series Civil War, and I thought, Man, if we could pull that off that’d be swell. But I didn’t…it was never really in the docket of, like, this is a definitive going to happen Marvel movie.”

Now that a Civil War movie has happened, what can fans expect? “They can expect the unexpected, but they will have that trademark Marvel entertainment and sophistication and storytelling and really strong performances,” Downey declares.

The actor believes fans continue to flock to theaters to see Marvel movies because they’re “just executed so well.

“But then there’s this little constellation that gets lit up in people who are fans of the comics back in the day or just love this kind of storytelling,” he adds. “So, I’m all for geeking out on Marvel pics.” 

Plenty of people are geeking out for Captain America: Civil War, so much so that it’s now Fandango’s number-one pre-selling superhero movie of all time.

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