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Netflix Knows the Shows You Like to Binge-Watch


Tatiana Maslany in “Orphan Black”; Ken Woroner © BBC AMERICA(NEW YORK) — Admit it, you’ve been late for work after staying up all hours binge-watching The Walking Dead.

You’re not alone. But what types of shows do people binge watch, and what types of shows do people take their time with?  Netflix has an answer. 

Wednesday, the streaming company released the results of a study of the viewing habits of its members in more than 190 countries, looking at 100 TV series across multiple genres on it’s “Binge Scale.”

Thrillers, horror shows, sci-fi and action and adventure series tend to be binge-watched most often, according to the company. Netflix names Orphan Black, The 100, The Walking Dead, American Horror Story and The Fall as shows that fall on the “Devour” end of its new “Binge Scale.”

When streamers are intent on finishing what Netflix describes as “high-energy narratives,” they watch a little more than two hours a day until they’ve completed the series.

Complex political and historical dramas and period pieces tend to be shows that veiwers savor, says Netflix, spending two hours or less a day with shows like House of Cards, Peaky Blinders, Narcos and Bloodline.

Falling in the middle of the scale are “dramatic comedies,” like Netflix’s own Orange Is the New Black.

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