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“Mic Drop”: Nathan Fillion Says So Long to “Castle”


Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion on the set of the final episode of “Castle”; ABC/Byron Cohen(NEW YORK) — After eight years, ABC’s crime-fighting comedy-drama Castle ended its run Monday night.  And star Nathan Fillion — prolific and funny tweeter that he is — shared a few feelings about the milestone.

We won’t spoil the final show for you — other than to say it ended with quite a bang and shots fired, and with Beckett and Castle reaffirming their love for each other and vowing they’ll always be together.  Somehow.

“This was my last day on Castle. Ever,” Fillion wrote before the episode aired, after which he live-tweeted the show.



There were, of course, some jokes: “Wouldn’t you know it, I finally get my hair the way I like it and it’s the very last episode,” Fillion tweeted, as well as, “Oh, by the way, Castle has superstrength. Always has.”





And when the final Castle ended, Fillion signed off with, “”Thank you, everyone. What an incredible journey. (Mic drop) Castle out.”



Castle creator Andrew Marlowe dopped a line as well, declaring, “May the dance never end and the music never stop.#Caskett #Castle #Always.”

Marlow also tweeted thanks to Fillion, and also to Stana Katic, who played Capt. Kate Beckett for the show’s entire run, though her contract wasn’t renewed for what was for a time a rumored ninth season.  “@StanaKatic Thank you for all the gifts you bestowed on Katherine Beckett. The world is a richer place because of her…and you,” he wrote. 



That drew a response from Katic, in the form of a single kiss emoji.



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