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As ‘Jazz + Piano’ wraps up in Vegas, Lady Gaga promises “a whole new show”


Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Park MGM Las Vegas

Lady Gaga wrapped up what she said were her final performances of her Jazz + Piano residency show in Las Vegas on July 6, but she promised to return.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, during the second-to-last show on July 5, Gaga told the crowd during the final bow, “When we come back, we hope you’ll come back. We’ll have a whole new show for you.” 

According to Billboard, at another time during the final run of shows, which began on June 19, she told the crowd that the new show would be “pop.”  

Jazz + Piano began in January of 2019 as one of two concurrent residencies Gaga performed in Vegas; the other was Enigma, which started in December of 2018.  Gaga’s final performance of Enigma came in December of 2019. The 2020 shows for both residencies were canceled due to COVID, and only Jazz + Piano returned.

According to Billboard, during the final show on July 6, Gaga shouted out her father, who was in the audience, as well as her boyfriend, Michael Polansky.  “I don’t know if you brought anybody you love tonight, but I brought somebody with me that I love, Mr. Michael Polansky,” she told the crowd. “I can’t bring you up on stage, but you are always in my heart, honey.”

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