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Are you a musician? The Chainsmokers might just pay your rent for a year


Rick Kern/Getty Images

The Chainsmokers remember what it was like to struggle to pay the rent while getting their career off the ground. That’s why they want to help one lucky artist create music without having to worry about pesky things like living expenses.

As Billboard reports, the “Closer” hitmakers are co-sponsoring an artist-in-residence program that will allow an aspiring musician to live in a New York City apartment equipped with a music studio for a year … for free. Drew Taggart and Alex Pall have designed the 794-square-foot apartment, located on 126th Street in Harlem in a building called The Smile.

“We started our careers in New York City and our experiences living in the city really shaped us into who we are today,” The Chainsmokers tell Billboard in a joint statement. “The city is fun and inspiring, but we also know all too well how expensive it can be to live there, especially as a new artist.”

Noting that they worked out of a “shoebox-sized apartment” back in the day, the duo adds, “We’re so excited to offer a talented artist the chance to thrive by providing a free apartment with a music studio at The Smile for a year.”

So how do you get in on the deal? Visit TheChainsmokersGiveaway.com, fill out an application, submit a TikTok and see if you get selected. You also have to follow #TheSmileHarlem on Instagram.

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