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Nick Jonas wouldn’t have auditioned for “American Idol” himself: “I don’t think I could have handled the pressure”


ABC/Lou RoccoThis past weekend, Nick Jonas helped mentor the contestants on American Idol.  But given the opportunity, Nick says there’s no way he would have actually tried out for the show himself.

“I don’t think I could have handled the pressure of auditioning for American Idol,” Nick tells ABC News.Being thrust into this world like that would be too much for me. I kind of eased into it over the course of many, many years. So I’m not envious of the overnight stardom they’ve all experienced and having to adjust to that life…[it] wasn’t the ride I would’ve taken.”

In 2017, Nick starred in the hit movie Jumanji and got a Golden Globe nod for writing a song for the movie Ferdinand.  Will 2018 be the year he releases new music?  Well, he said in January that he was working on a new album inspired by Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel and “modern stuff like The Weeknd,” but now he says he’s not strictly limited to those influences.

“I’m inspired by so much and…any time I hear a new song…I try to stay as open as possible to the process,” Nick explains to ABC News. “People like Bruce Springsteen are a huge inspiration, and then on the other side of things, people like Post Malone and Drake and all that.”

“So I think it’s about…having a real range of artists that inspire you and finding a way to make it your own,” he adds. “And come out with something that you’re really proud of.”

Nick is also getting ready for his brother Joe‘s upcoming wedding to Sophie Turner. Does he have a bachelor party planned?

“No plans yet, but I’m sure we’ll have a good time,” he tells ABC News. “[I’m] very excited for the two of them. They’re very much in love and [I’m] happy to be welcoming her into our family.” 

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