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Bebe Rexha on how “Meant to Be” led her to manage her “Expectations”


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Bebe Rexha used to be known for dance and hip-hop oriented songs, but that was before “Meant to Be” came along.  As a result of her smash collaboration with superstar country duo Florida Georgia Line, Bebe has changed her sound a bit, and you’ll hear it on her upcoming debut album.

Speaking to Billboard at this past weekend’s Academy of Country Music Awards, Bebe explained how the success of “Meant to Be” led to her making the album, called Expectations, “a lot more stripped down.”

“There’s different sides of me and…I went back to my roots,” Bebe told Billboard. “I love No Doubt and Alanis Morissette and Lauryn Hill and wrote these more real, honest songs, and there’s a lot more guitar.”

“I think ‘Meant to Be’ helped me see that you could have success with a record that’s just honest and raw,” she added. “It doesn’t have to be hidden by 10 million sounds.”

As for the album’s title, Bebe says it was inspired by her perception of what she thought it would be like to be a pop star, and what it actually turned out to be.

“I named my album Expectations because…going to Hollywood and L.A., and being in the music business, I thought money would bring me happiness, and being famous would bring me happiness,” Bebe explained. “But this wasn’t what I expected at all!”

She says she realizes now that what brings her true happiness is “the little things.”

“It’s my family, it’s my mom, it’s my dog, it’s a cup of coffee in the morning,” says the singer. “So I think that the expectations that I had about certain things kind of let me down — but it’s good, though!”

Expectations arrives June 22.

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