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Why Demi Lovato ‘Revamped’ the lyrics of one of her biggest hits


Angelo Kritikos/Island Records

Demi Lovato recently released Revamped, an album of rock remakes of her biggest pop hits. But in addition to giving the songs an edgier, harder treatment, she also took the opportunity to change the lyrics of one of her biggest hits.

During an installment of ELLE’s “My Life In Lyrics,” Demi randomly pulls pieces of papers with lyrics from her songs on them out of a jar and comments on them. The first one she gets is a lyric from “Cool for the Summer”: “Got a taste for the cherry/ I just need to take a bite/ go tell your mother/ kiss one another/ die for each other/ we’re cool for the summer.”

But those are the Revamped lyrics: In the original song, Demi sings “don’t tell your mother.” She explains, “I changed to lyrics to ‘go tell your mother’ because it’s just more positive and it’s like, ‘I’m proud.’ I want everyone to be proud of their sexuality.”

“Yeah it’s a sexy song. I actually wrote it before I came out as bisexual at the time. Now I’m pansexual,” she continues. “I came out with that song first and it was kind of an easy way to tell my parents, ‘I’m not straight.'”

Demi also recalls co-writing some of her songs with the Jonas Brothers while on tour; listening to her hit “Skyscraper” over and over the first time she went to rehab; and mispronouncing the word “hypnotizing” in her fan favorite song “Catch Me.” “I regret it to this day,” she admits.

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