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Watch Jung Kook team up with Jack Harlow for new single and video, “3D”



Jung Kook of BTS scored a hit with help from Latto, so now, he’s hoping lightning will strike twice with some help from Jack Harlow.

Following the success of Jung Kook’s Latto-featuring track “Seven,” he’s released “3D” with the “First Class” rapper. The track is a modern spin on mid-2000s hip-hop/dance that hears Jung Kook singing, “If you’re ready/
And if you’ll let me/I wanna see it in motion/in 3D.” 

In the video, Jung Kook sings and dances on a giant mirror and climbs up a white staircase while rocking an oversized white suit. Jack shows up to play chess with Jung Kook, rap about “ABG’s” — “Asian Baby Girls” — and brag, “I’ll fly you from Korea to Kentucky/And you ain’t gotta guarantee me nothin’/I just wanna see if I get lucky.”

“I thought it was a really fun song when I first heard it,” says the BTS star in a statement. “I’m ready to show a different side of myself that I hadn’t shown with ‘Seven.’”

He adds that Jack is “a great artist that I like and have followed for a while,” noting, “I had a lot of fun working with him. His voice fit ‘3D’ perfectly and really added to the sensual vibe of the song.”

“I felt a bit of pressure having received so much love with ‘Seven,’ but it also gave me a big boost of courage to take on a new challenge,” Jung Kook concludes. “I’ll keep working hard to continue to share great music in the future.”

(Video contains uncensored profanity.)

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