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Watch country superstar Luke Combs teach Ed Sheeran how to shotgun a beer


Courtesy Prime Video/ACMs

Ed Sheeran doesn’t just sing with his pal Luke Combs — he drinks with him, too.

On Instagram, Ed posted video of the country superstar teaching him how to shotgun a beer. In case you’re not familiar, this requires holding the can horizontally, punching a hole in it, putting your mouth over the hole and opening the tab on top so the pressure forces the beer into your mouth. 

In the clip, Luke instructs Ed on how to hold the can, then Ed counts them down and they drink together. Luke drinks and drops his can on the ground in about two seconds, while Ed follows soon after.

“That’s really impressive,” Ed laughs, wiping off his mouth.

In the comments, Luke wrote, “Cheers, mate!  (Did I do that right? Haha.)” Fellow country star Dan Smyers of Dan + Shay wrote, “Not bad, Ted!”

One fan wrote, “The collab we didn’t know we needed,” but numerous others complained that Luke and Ed dropped their cans before they were empty — apparently that’s a no-no while shotgunning.

Ed and Luke teamed up last week to perform Ed’s song “Life Goes On” at the Academy of Country Music Awards, then Ed released a studio version of their collaboration. The two have been friends since 2018.

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