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This is the way (in): Pedro Pascal tried visiting art show in his honor, but it was closed


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An art gallery in Margate, England, is currently displaying an exhibition called “ADHD Hyper Fixation and why it looks like I love Pedro Pascal,” a tribute to the star of The Mandalorian and The Last of Us.

But being made in his honor didn’t mean the actor was allowed in, according to The Independent.

The paper reports Pascal, his Being Human co-star pal Russell Tovey and musician Robert Diament tried to visit Margate’s Rhodes Gallery on Sunday — only to find the facility closed.

There was an even an Instagram post from Tovey to commemorate the almost visit.

That’s when the artist behind the exhibit, Heidi Gentle Burrell, found out about the near-miss. “It was absolutely nuts,” she tells the paper. “So many lovely people have messaged me in the last couple of days.”

Apparently, Diament had visited the exhibit in June, where he met Burrell and joked about sending his Instagrammed photos to Pedro.

That said, Burrell explains, “I’m a bit gutted I missed them! It’s fantastic for me, though, hopefully it’ll elevate the conversation around neurodivergence. I feel like I’m helping to create a positive change.”

Apparently, the 45-year-old artist is “self-diagnosed” as having ADHD, and that lends itself to her fixating on pop culture touchstones she likes.

Pascal first came to her attention when he was on Buffy The Vampire Slayer, she tells the paper. “I just found he had a really interesting face, from an artistic point-of-view. He’s got two little bald patches in his beard and creases in his eyebrows and bridge of his nose.” She adds, “I wouldn’t call myself an obsessed fan, but I do hyper-fixate on capturing him in my art.”

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