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‘The Bear’ spawns J. Crew clothing line — and it’s nearly sold out


Matty Matheson as Fak – Courtesy FX

FX’s Emmy-winning show The Bear has spawned a niche clothing line from J. Crew, and while some grumbled online about a work jacket costing nearly $400, it has totally sold out in every size just two days after it debuted.

That particular item in question is an in-universe jacket featuring the logo of the Matter of Fak Supply company, which in the show is run by real-life chef Matty Matheson‘s character, Neil Fak, and his brother Ted (Ricky Staffieri), who models the pricy garment on the website.

The Matter of Fak lineup also includes a $59.50 branded trucker hat, a $118 fleece sweatshirt and a $50 vintage-wash cotton T-shirt, all bearing the company’s logo.

Arguably, it’s all a little pricey for work gear, but hey, it’s selling.

And after much sleuthing, one of the hit show’s most iconic wardrobe pieces, the tight white T-shirts worn by star Jeremy Allen White‘s Carmy, have been identified — alas, good luck finding the Merz b. Schwanen Handcrafting 215 Loopwheeled T-shirt in stock anywhere.

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