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“The Bachelorette” Recap: JoJo Surprises the Men in a Shocking Rose Ceremony


ABC/Veronica Gambini(LOS ANGELES) — On Monday’s episode of The Bachelorette, the competition between the men heated up, and the rose ceremony ended in a shocking twist.

JoJo Fletcher and the eight remaining men moved on to the beauty and history of Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires.

Wells, who revealed to the other guys that he hadn’t kissed JoJo yet, was put on the spot when she invited him on a one-on-one date. The two took a romantic stroll through the city and participated in a performance art piece called “Fuerza Bruta,” which finally set up the magic moment. Afterwards however, JoJo informed Wells that she “didn’t feel 100 percent” with him,” adding, “I don’t know if you are the person I will spend the rest of my life with.” She told him she couldn’t give him the rose and he went home.

Next, JoJo escorted Luke, Robby, Jordan, James Taylor and Alex for a group date in the La Boca neighborhood of the capital. The guys got involved in a soccer game with some of the locals, who challenged them to a penalty kick-off. The reward: a kiss from JoJo.  James managed to sneak one past the goalie, but it was Luke who stole her heart when they shared a passionate kiss afterwards. JoJo revealed to the camera that they had an “emotional connection.”

Next, James Taylor used his alone time with JoJo to throw some shade at Jordan, calling him “entitled” and “snotty.” Jordan denied the claims when confronted about them by JoJo. Afterwards, tempers flared between Jordan and James Taylor in front of the other guys. Ultimately, Luke got the date rose.

The two-on-one date went to Derek and Chase. Noting “It takes two to tango,” JoJo invited the guys to take part in a three-person tango. Afterwards, Derek told JoJo he was falling for her, and then the two made out. During an alone moment with Chase, JoJo doubted how strong his feelings for her actually were. He ultimately gave her the “validation” she needed, which was that he had growing feelings for her, and they too ended up making out. In the end, a stunned Derek — who thought he had the rose in the bag — was sent packing. Chase got the date rose, and he and JoJo danced as South American superstar Soledad Pastorutti serenaded them.

At the rose ceremony, JoJo gave out two of the three remaining roses to Jordan and Robby, but suddenly left the room. She told host Chris Harrison that should couldn’t give the last rose to either Alex or James Taylor. JoJo returned with two roses on her tray, and gave them to both guys, explaining that she couldn’t say goodbye to any of the guys.

The Bachelorette continues Monday night on ABC.

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