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“The Bachelorette” Recap: JoJo Picks Her Final Two


L-R: Robby & Jordan; ABC/Craig Sjodin(LOS ANGELES) — JoJo Fletcher now has her choice of two men following Monday night’s episode of The Bachelorette.

The lucky finalists are Jordan and Robby. Luke and Chase were both eliminated, with Chase’s goodbye being particularly tense.

The episode began where last week’s left off: with an emotional JoJo wondering what she was going to do after Luke surprised her by pulling her aside right before the rose ceremony to tell her he loves her.

JoJo collected herself just enough to hand out roses to Jordan, Robby and Chase, leaving a stunned Luke to take the walk to the limo.

JoJo explained to him that while their relationship had gotten better over time, she hadn’t been sure where she stood with him. Luke lamented that they’ll never know what they could have had.

JoJo sobbed as she said goodbye to him. “I’m gonna miss you,” she told him.

“I miss you already,” Luke replied.

After that difficult goodbye, JoJo left for Thailand, where she had one-on-one dates with the three remaining bachelors. First up was Robby, with whom she perused a floating market and shared kisses in the rain.

The topic of Robby’s ex-girlfriend, and the rumor that he broke up with her so he could be on the show, came up again. He showed JoJo a note his dad gave him, in which he encouraged him to forget the negativity and stick to his plan. He told JoJo to keep the note in case she ever has doubts about his feelings for her.

In turn, JoJo extended Robby an invite to the fantasy suite, which he readily accepted.

For her second date, JoJo was joined by Jordan for a hiking adventure, during which they reached a temple inside a cave where kissing is not permitted.

JoJo pressed Jordan on their possible future together. After a back-and-forth that questioned his commitment to her, he assured her that he wants to be with her. He told her that he’s a “better person” because of her.

That was the right answer, because it got him an invite to the fantasy suite.

JoJo’s final date had her and Chase taking a boat ride to a secluded beach.

After their beach visit, and while Chase was out of the picture, Robby visited JoJo to reiterate his feelings for her.

Over dinner, Chase accepted an invite to the fantasy suite — but he didn’t get to spend the night with her. Later on, when he told JoJo he loves her, JoJo wasn’t feeling the same way. “I’m having an overwhelming feeling of doubt,” she told the camera.

She stepped out for a moment to collect her thoughts, then returned. “I don’t know if I’m in the same place as you,” she admitted.

Chase let loose, saying he put it all on the line and that he regretted saying he loves her. “You never gave it a chance,” he added.

He tried to walk out on her, but JoJo wanted to continue the conversation. “None of this makes sense,” he said, and once again he took off.

In the car ride he compared receiving a fantasy suite invite and then having it taken away to being kicked in the you-know-where.

He must have taken a U-turn, because he interrupted the ensuing rose ceremony — not to beg for a second chance, but to tell JoJo he’s not mad at her.

However, he concluded, “I do think you’re wrong…my heart is still open for you.”

Privately, JoJo cried and admitted she still has feelings for Chase. Nevertheless, she resumed the rose ceremony and gave roses to Jordan and Robby, saying she was excited to introduce them to her family.

On Tuesday night, ABC will air the “Men Tell All” special. We’ll learn JoJo’s choice next Monday night on the season finale of The Bachelorette.

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