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‘Suits’ producer addresses show’s streaming resurgence and the possibility Meghan Markle could return in reboot


L-R: Adams, Rick Hoffman, Macht in 2015 — NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment/Theo Wargo

If you’re a Netflix subscriber, chances are you’ve seen a trailer for the former USA Network legal drama Suits. Given Nielsen numbers, there’s a better chance you’ve clicked on it, either to rewatch the series that ran from 2011 until 2019 or — more likely — to watch it for the first time.

According to data from the company, it’s currently among the most-watched shows between Netflix and Peacock, with some 3.1 billion viewers across the platforms — a Nielsen record, according to TVLine.

The series was centered on Patrick J. Adams‘ Mike Ross, a brilliant college dropout with a photographic memory who is hired by Gabriel Macht‘s Harvey Specter, an ace attorney in one of New York City’s most prestigious law firms.

Even if you’ve never seen an episode, you probably have heard Meghan Markle was on the show, too. She played paralegal Rachel Zane, leaving two seasons shy of the ninth and final season, which only runs on Peacock.

The show’s executive producer Gene Klein tells TV Line he’s just surprised as anybody about the resurgence.

“I, obviously, had a sense…it would probably get another burst of viewing and that kind of thing, but I did not think this would happen,” he admitted, explaining as the numbers racked up, he texted creator Aaron Korsh, “and it was something on the order of, ‘Holy s***.'”

With reboots all the rage — and considering its streaming resurgence — is a Suits reboot in the offing?

“…I’m expecting a call at some point,” Klein says. “But I’m not aware of any serious conversations,” adding he “wouldn’t be surprised” if that call does come.

However, getting the cast back together might be difficult, he admits, particularly Markle. “I would assume that’s just not possible,” he contends of her return.

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