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“Stranger Things” Season 2: Three New Characters Are Coming


Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven in “Stranger Things”; Curtis Baker/Netflix(NEW YORK) — Now that you’ve watched all of Stranger Things on Netflix and are eagerly awaiting season 2, the Hollywood Reporter has some details about some of the things we can expect when the show returns in 2017.  For one thing, there’ll be three new characters joining the cast.

The Hollywood Reporter says the characters are Max, Roman and Billy. Max is a tough 13-year-old girl who skateboards and has a fraught relationship with her stepbrother Billy.  He’s a buff and overconfident 17-year-old, according to the publication, and from the description, he kinda sounds like a jerk.  He’s a girlfriend stealer who drinks and drives a black Camaro, and he’s “violent and unpredictable.”  In fact, there are rumors he killed someone at his old school.

As for Roman, the casting calls for either a man OR a woman, aged 30-38, who had a difficult upbringing and is looking to revenge “a great loss at an early age.”

Plotwise, the Hollywood Reporter says Stranger Things season 2 will be set in the fall of 1984 and will involve “terrifying supernatural forces” that start to affect the town of Hawkins.  It starts shooting in Atlanta in October.

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