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Sarah Jessica Parker: “I Am Not a Feminist”


Sarah Jessica Parker in “Divorce”; Craig Blankenhorn/HBO(NEW YORK) — Sarah Jessica Parker’s hit TV series Sex and the City did a lot for feminism by normalizing female sexual appetite and behaviors, pushing back against ageism and even showcasing the variety of ways in which women build their lives without men. Still, the show’s star said she doesn’t consider herself part of the movement.

“I am not a feminist,” she said in the September issue of Marie Claire magazine. “I don’t think I qualify.”

“I believe in women and I believe in equality, but I think there is so much that needs to be done that I don’t even want to separate it anymore,” the Divorce star continued in the issue, which hits newsstands August 16. “I’m so tired of separation. I just want people to be treated equally.”

And that goes for wages as well, Parker, 51, said.

“I would like all of that nonsense to end,” she said in reference to the gender wage pay gap. “I would like women to get paid for the value of their contributions, not by old-fashioned ideas about gender.”

Parker’s new HBO series, Divorce, premieres in October.

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