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Sabrina Carpenter gets the blood flowing — literally — in new “Feather” video


Alfredo Flores

Sabrina Carpenter‘s upbeat bop “Feather” now has a video, and it’s very on-brand for Halloween because it features lots of blood and death.

In the clip, Sabrina pulls up to a church in a pink hearse wearing a black outfit with a veil. Next, we flash back to her walking down the street while a pack of guys follow her. She’s oblivious, listening to music on her headphones, so she doesn’t notice when a truck comes along and flattens them.

Then, we see Sabrina in a gym wearing pink boxing gloves. All the guys in the gym start fighting over her, but she’s unaware, taking selfies as they beat each other up. Soon, they all start stabbing each other, and Sabrina gets covered with blood, but she’s still unbothered, stepping over the bloody corpses on the floor as she leaves.

Next, Sabrina’s in an elevator with a cute guy in a suit. She pulls him toward her by his tie, but then she steps out of the elevator. The doors close on his tie, and he’s slowly dragged upward into the top of the elevator where he gets squished and blood starts flowing over the elevator doors. Sabrina just smiles and waves bye.

The clip ends with Sabrina dancing around in front of the church altar, which is decorated with an array of candy-colored coffins, presumably representing all the dead men she’s left in her wake. She then leaves the church, smiling happily, and drives off in the hearse.

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