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Reigning “Jeopardy!” Champ Buzzy Cohen – Love Him or Not?


Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc.(NEW YORK) — Jeopardy!‘s current champion is causing quite the divide on the Internet with his quirky attitude, witty repartee and sharp outfits.

Buzzy Cohen, the nine-day reigning champ, has already earned $164,000 and is showing it off in a way never seen before on the show.

He felt comfortable enough at one point to pass up prize money in “Final Jeopardy,” wagering $0 just to make a joke.

Cohen, tapping into his inner Darrell Hammond as Sean Connery on the Saturday Night Live Jeopardy! riff, used answers like “What is ‘See You Tomorrow, Trebek?’”

Alex Trebek, of course, is the longtime Jeopardy! host.

The contestant’s behavior rapidly gained traction across the Internet, sparking the question: smug or sexy?

People are taking to social media, posting comments on Twitter, asking, “Has there ever been a more punchable Jeopardy champion?”



Whether people love him or hate him, Cohen told ABC News, “This is just me. This is my hair and these are my glasses.”

One fan tweeted, “I have never loved a man the way I love Buzzy Cohen.”



“There are people who have sought me out and sent me messages,” Cohen said, adding that the messages include “Things that you can’t say on TV.”

Even Jeopardy! host Trebek seems to be jumping on the Buzzy train, mimicking Cohen’s suave moves like slicking his hair back for correctly answering questions.

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