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On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’, Kathy Griffin talks Taylor and Kelce, jabs the “Free Britney” movement



Kathy Griffin appeared on Tuesday night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, and right out of the gate, she was ready to rumble — all to protect her “queen,” Taylor Swift.

The Emmy-winning comic began by explaining her voice, which is now pitched higher due to her 2021 battle with lung cancer. She had to have a lung removed, leaving her with an axe to grind against everyone in the “two-lung community,” she joked.

Still, Griffin insisted, she is funnier with the new voice, and more importantly, cancer-free.

Griffin quickly took aim at sports, calling them “the gateway drug to all things bad,” especially now that the world of sports and the world of Taylor Swift have collided in “Traylor” — the entanglement between Taylor and Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce.

Griffin warned sports fans not to go after Taylor if the Chiefs lose a game. “You sports people don’t stand a chance against the Swifties,” she declared. 

“If there’s any threat to her or perceived threat, they will dox your kid’s teacher’s family. They will find out where they live. And they shoot to kill. Because she is our queen,” she riffed.

Kimmel agreed, explaining he lives with a Swiftie: his daughter. 

Griffin also had a lot to say about a recent video that showed Britney Spears dancing around with a pair of knives, which resulted in the local sheriff’s department performing a wellness check.

In fact, Kathy had posted to Instagram a bikini video of her own, imitating Brit’s moves — but with a knife and spatula.

“I fear the #FreeBritney people, I do, but sometimes, a person can be too free,” the comic said, adding, “All I’m saying is, I love you gays and I love you #FreeBritney people, but you didn’t have a plan.”

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