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Olivia Rodrigo loves Chipotle’s take on her song “ballad of a homeschooled girl”



Nobody’s hotter than Olivia Rodrigo right now, so it’s no wonder Chipotle tried to attract some attention by making a reference to one of her new songs in an online ad. But Olivia didn’t seem to mind.

The restaurant chain posted a photo on social media of a bag of its tortilla chips, next to a bowl of guac with a hand scooping some up. The hand is wearing four gold alphabet rings that spell out G-U-A-C across the knuckles. That’s a reference to the cover of Olivia’s new album, GUTS: She’s shown posing with silver alphabet rings that spell out G-U-T-S across her knuckles.

But the references don’t stop there: Chipotle captioned the photo, “every guy i like is guac.” That’s a reference to a line in “ballad of a homeschooled girl,” in which she sings, “everything I do is tragic/ every guy I like is gay.”

Olivia enjoyed the joke, writing in the comments, “LMFAOOOOO THIS IS AMAZING.”

Does this mean Olivia gets free guac for life? Good idea, right?

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