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New Pop Culture Show “People’s List” Debuts on ABC Saturday Night


ABC/Lorenzo Bevilaqua(NEW YORK) — ABC’s new limited series People’s List, a collaboration with People magazine, premieres Saturday at 8 p.m.  It’s hosted by actor Jerry O’Connell and SuChin Pak, formerly of MTV News.  The show features the biggest stories in pop culture, entertainment, lifestyle, human interest and news.  


Among the features on the show: the five people you should be talking about, Scoop, PeopleStyle, PeoplePets and the Jess Cagle Interview, a video series hosted by People magazine’s editorial director.  There’s also a new segment that’ll take you behind the scenes into celebrities’ homes and a “Then and Now” update of individuals who’ve appeared on the cover of People over the years.


People magazine is a trusted source,” O’Connell tells ABC Radio. “So we’re gonna get access to things that other shows won’t and it’s a big reason why we’re all here.”

As for how this show is different from, say, Entertainment Tonight, O’Connell explains, “It’s not your regular celebrity-driven magazine show. Everyone is familiar with People magazine. It’s one of those magazines I, at least, start from the back to the front because that back story is usually the most touching and important in the publication.  And you’re gonna get the same sort of feelgood stories in People’s List.

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