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New Music Friday: The Kid LAROI, GAYLE, BTS’ Jimin and more


The Kid LAROI is back with a new single, “Girls,” and a video co-starring Alix Earle. And keep an eye out for what’s coming next: On Instagram, LAROI wrote, “we’re not stopping either. more music otw. I love you all beyond words & thank you for sticking with me.”

GAYLE, who’s currently touring with Pink overseas, has released a new single called “internet baby.” In a statement, she says she wrote the song because “i grew up on the internet and i think it has heavily affected my generation’s personalities in various ways. i find that funny and i wanted to give my ironic and sarcastic commentary on it.”

BTS member Jimin has released his single “Smeraldo Garden Marching Band (feat. Loco),” ahead of his upcoming solo album MUSE, due out July 19. The title was inspired by a name that Jimin and his producers started calling themselves while working on his first solo album, FACE. According to a press release, “Smeraldo” is a fictional flower that symbolizes “the truth untold.”

BLACKPINK member LISA has released her solo single “Rockstar,” produced by OneRepublic‘s Ryan Tedder. There’s also a video, which was shot on the streets of Bangkok, Thailand, LISA’s home country.

“Victoria’s Secret” singer Jax has finally released her debut full-length album Dear Joe, which features 20 tracks, some of which are comedy interludes with titles like, “Barbara, your husband is gay” and “Hawk tuah.” It includes “Victoria’s Secret” of course, as well as previously released single “Zombieland,” featuring HARDY, and her new single, “How Dare You.”

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