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Meghan Trainor’s new home will still have dual toilets, with one small difference


Debra L Rothenberg/WireImage

Meghan Trainor got roasted online a few years ago when she revealed in an interview that she and her husband Daryl Sabara have side-by-side toilets.  Now, in a new podcast interview, Meghan confirmed that in the new home they’re moving too, they’ll continue the dual toilet plan — but in a different configuration.

Appearing on Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard, Meghan explained that the side-by-side toilets came about because her bathroom originally had one toilet and a bidet, so she replaced the bidet with another toilet.

“Here’s why we did it,” she explained. “Because we have young babies, so we’re getting up every hour on the hour, and [my husband] pees like a girl, so I was like, ‘Get out of my way…’ so then I solved [the problem], and I was like, ‘We’re gonna pee at the same time, in our own bowls.’”

But the new house, Meghan says, “has a toilet facing this way, and a bidet across from it. So I need to make this [bidet] a toilet. So it’s gonna be a little different, but it’s a tighter bathroom area, so we will be close. Knees to knees.”

She made it clear to Shepard, though, that the dual bathroom experience is strictly number one.

“Oh, I don’t like him pooping next to me … we just pee,” she insisted. 

She also admitted, “I got destroyed for this online. They’re like, ‘Imagine thinking this is normal.’ I was like, ‘Sorry you don’t know what love is!’ I said it like once casually on a podcast, and then it blew up.”

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