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Keesha Sharp Says Her “Lethal Weapon” Series Role Isn’t Like the Movies


Photo by Frank Micelotta/FOX/PictureGroup(NEW YORK) — Keesha Sharp will be playing a different type of role in the upcoming Fox series, Lethal Weapon.  Rather thanher eccentric character of Gigi from Are We There Yet, the actress will play a wife and mother, and the one calling the shots at home.

Sharp, who’s set star opposite Damon Wayans Sr. in the new series, tells ABC Radio, “She’s a woman who’s holding down her man, who’s earning more than him who wants him to quit. She wants to take care of him. He doesn’t want to do that.”

The actress says she’s fired up about the new show, admitting she was a big fan of the movies and is excited about playing the new Trish, who was played in the original movies by legendary R&B singer Darlene Love.

“Trish was a stay-at-home mom. She wrote a little, but she was a stay at home mom which is great, but they’ve changed it,” says Sharp.  “So my character is now a defense attorney — a high-powered defense attorney.”

Sharp has had a busy year. In addition to Lethal Weapon, she finished a successful run playing Johnnie Cochran’s wife, Dale, in the hit FX miniseries American Crime: The People vs. O.J. Simpson, and recently wrapped up her role in Marshall, a biopic about Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall.

Yet of all the roles she’s played over the years, the actress says she most identifies with the cooky and comical Gigi on TBS’ Are We There Yet. “Gigi is the closet to me. She’s a little extreme but she is the closest to me, but I never get to play that,” Sharp says. “So I was real excited when I got to play Gigi.”

Lethal Weapon premieres on Fox September 21, right after Empire.

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