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“I was gone”: Jamie Foxx speaks about his mysterious health crisis



While he doesn’t specifically get into what went wrong with him, Jamie Foxx recently revealed the circumstances that led to his mysterious hospitalization in 2023.

The Oscar winner was riffing with patrons at a restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona, according to a video posted to social platform X, when he recalled, “Look, April 11 last year, bad headache, asked my boy for an Advil.”

He then snapped his fingers, saying, “I was gone for 20 days. I don’t remember anything.”

He added, “My sister and my daughter took me to the first doctor. They gave me a cortisone shot.”

“The next doctor said, ‘There’s something going on up there,'” the actor continued, pointing at his head — but added, “I won’t say it on camera.”

Jamie’s daughter, Corrinne, took to social media on April 12, 2023, to reveal the actor — then working on the action film Back in Action in Atlanta with Cameron Diaz — had experienced a “medical complication.”

As his hospitalization continued, rumors began to spread about what had happened to him and how serious his condition was.

Back in March, Foxx told his fans he’s “got a story to tell.” While accepting the African American Film Critics Association’s Producer Award around that time, Foxx revealed he was in “dire straits” and will be finally shedding light on exactly what happened to him in a comedy special, according to People.

He made his first public appearance at the Critics Choice Movie Awards in December 2023 and revealed, “I’ve been through some things. You know, it’s crazy I couldn’t do that six months ago, I couldn’t actually walk,” adding it was “almost over” for him.

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