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How Post Malone lost a $600,000 diamond — twice


Norman Jean Roy

Since Post Malone is a megastar, he’s got plenty of money to spend on things like a rare Magic: The Gathering Card — which he paid $2 million for — and his own sword and knife factory, where he forges his own weapons. But he admits he got a little concerned when he lost a $600,000 diamond. Twice.

Speaking to Esquire for its October/November issue, Post recalls that time he bit into a Chicken McNugget in Rome and felt one of the two 12-carat diamonds he has embedded in his teeth fall out. “I had the left one in my hand, and I dropped it right into the sink hole,” he says. “I’m like, ‘F***, man, I’m going to have to go into the ancient Roman sewers.’”

Instead, Post says, he took a pair of pliers and one of those plastic three-legged things you get in a pizza box and rigged up a scoop to get the diamond out of the drain. He retrieved it, then had a Roman dentist put it back in his tooth. He named his 2022 album 12 Carat Toothache in honor of the incident.

But then, a week after he spoke to Esquire, Post revealed that he lost the $600,000 jewel again, this time while eating bread in a steakhouse in South America. However, he once again managed to rescue it at the last minute and get someone to reattach it.

Posty says for his next trick, he’s going to spend some money on something a little bit more permanent.

“I’m looking at some land and I want to build the craziest bunker farm, just a beautiful ranch where I can get [my] baby a pony and run around and raise some cattle and some alfalfa, because the end is nigh,” he says.

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