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Hear unreleased Lil Nas X song “My Little Baby” in his new YSL Beauty campaign

Zamar Velez on behalf of YSL Beauty

Lil Nas X just released new single "Star Walkin," his song for this year's League of Legends World Championship. But if you want to hear another track you may not have heard before from the "Industry Baby" star, check out his new campaign for YSL Beauty.

Not long ago, the artist was named YSL Beauty’s latest U.S. ambassador, and now his ad for the brand's latest campaign is live. The lengthy ad is soundtracked to a Lil Nas X track called "My Little Baby." The song was first leaked in July 2021 — several months before the release of Nas' Montero album — but remains officially unreleased.

The commercial showcases the brand's lipstick, mascara, fragrance and tint — it shows Lil Nas X applying all those products while strutting through the desert. He's followed by a pack of pretty people, both male and female, all of whom start dancing in a rainstorm.

Ironically, "My Little Baby" is about Nas feeling insecure, as he sings, "Hey, can we please turn off the lights/Don't need you to see my flaws at all tonight."

The chart-topping star is currently out on his Montero tour and told Apple Music 1's Zane Lowe that it's "actually going great."

"I'm able to really find my confidence on that stage. And I feel like I have to poop less and less every night," he jokes. "Because usually, I have the nerves so bad, but I feel like they get more and more calm every night. And that's cool."

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