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Gym closed? Stuck at home? These experts can help you not lose your #gains



Chris Hemsworth/Centr; Sabrina Wescott/MaxPro Fitness(LOS ANGELES) — With concerns of staunching the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, many gyms have been shuttered, leaving you — and, thanks to school closings, likely your kids — stuck at home.

We checked in with Sabrina Wescott, a certified holistic health coach, who offered the following tips for some at-home options that can keep your waistline down, and provide some much-needed stress relief:

1. Set realistic goals based on prior workouts. If you normally do 30 minutes of cardio or strength training at the gym, you can still do 30 minutes of both at home, and modify as necessary.

2. Schedule time to work out at home, just like you would do when physically going to the gym. If kids are home and you are having a hard time finding time, include the kids in your workout routine.

3. Body weight training is perfect for working out at home. Some of the best body weight exercises include planks, squats, burpees, push-ups, lunges, frog jumps, mountain climbers, spider crawls, and standing long jumps.

4. Meditate. It can help control stress, anxiety and improve cardiovascular health. Meditation can be as simple as taking in deep breaths through your nose and breathing out your mouth, or employing guided meditations.

5. Give a boost to boring workouts with at-home circuit training. Try starting with jumping jacks for 45 seconds, then push ups for 45 seconds, followed by 45 seconds of squats, then switch it up to skaters for 45 seconds, and end with some alternating lateral lunges. Repeat this circuit three times.

Apps for at-home workouts are countless, with offerings like Fitbit Coach, Aaptive, and Nike's Training Club offering guided workout from experts in their fields.

Celebrities have also gotten into the workout app game, too. Avengers star Chris "Thor" Hemsworth, for example, has created Centr, a customizable fitness program created by him and his hand-picked team of experts, including elite trainers, celebrity chefs, meditation teachers and well-being experts.
The app gives users access to Hemsworth-curated workout and fitness regimens, with help from his actress and fitness model and author wife, Elsa Pataky, as well as Chris' personal trainer Luke Zocchi, among others. Yes, even a superhero needs a trainer.

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