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Gallery in New York selling artwork based on Justin Timberlake’s mug shot


Sag Harbor Village Police Department

Nothing like a headline-grabbing story involving a celebrity to inspire creativity.

A gallery in Sag Harbor, New York — where Justin Timberlake was arrested on June 18 on a DWI charge — is now selling a series of artwork based on the singer’s mug shot, Page Six reports. The gallery’s owner, Romany Kramoris, told Page Six that when the artist, Godfrey Lohman, brought the works to the gallery, her reaction was, “Oh my God! It’s just great!”

The works are Warhol-inspired artistic representations of the mug shot; each piece has a different-colored background, including pink, green and blue. Each work is called “Tuesday Night Out featuring Justin Timberlake,” even though Justin was technically arrested early on a Tuesday morning.

The pieces cost $520 each, and Kramoris says they’ve sold two or three so far. They will be available throughout the summer.

“The green one is not my favorite. He looks a little sickly, too many martinis on the green one,” she added. “Some [in the community] raised their eyebrows … when they see the image in the gallery. Others are so excited, the young ones especially.”

Justin was arrested after allegedly drinking at the American Hotel, located two doors down from the gallery.  According to Sag Harbor Village police, he was pulled over after he drove through a stop sign and swerved into a lane of oncoming traffic. 

According to the criminal complaint, he told the arresting officer he’d had only one drink. He was held overnight for arraignment, after which he was released on his own recognizance. He’s been ordered to appear virtually in Sag Harbor Village court on July 26.

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