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“Fast Car” singer Luke Combs has no interest in pop stardom: “Country music is enough”


ABC/Larry McCormack

Luke Combs‘ version of Tracy Chapman‘s 1998 hit “Fast Car” became a huge hit, hanging out in the upper reaches of the Billboard Hot 100 for months. But despite his success on the pop charts, Luke, who’s one of country music’s biggest superstars, says he has no desire to enter the world of pop music.

“I feel like to me, country music is enough, right?” Luke told reporters recently. “Like, I don’t want to be a pop star. You know what I mean? I love writing country songs with my songwriting buddies and singing them with the guys that I like to make records with. And I’m not chasing anything. I’m not chasing fame or notoriety or money.”

And while fellow country superstar Chris Stapleton has duetted with the likes of Justin Timberlake, Adele and Pink, Luke says he has no interest in similar pop collaborations.

“If a really amazing collaboration came along, I would want it to be on a country song, you know?” he said. “I would want somebody to do a country song with me. I wouldn’t want to go do a pop song with somebody else just because it would be good for my career, you know?”

“I’ve never made decisions based on that,” he insists. “I’ve always let the music kind of lead where we go and what we do because that’s why we’re all here, right? It’s like, we all love music at the end of the day.”

As he put it, “I’m in the music business. I don’t love business. I do love music.”

Pop collaboration offers aside, plenty of people are hoping that at some award show in the near future, Luke will perform “Fast Car” with Tracy, who’s already voiced her support for Luke’s version of her signature hit.

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