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Ed Sheeran and his brother’s song about their father has been recorded by Andrea Bocelli’s son


L-R: Matteo Bocelli, Ed Sheeran, Andrea Bocelli/Credit: Francesco Pasquero

See if you can follow this: Ed Sheeran and his brother, Matthew, teamed up to write a song about their dad,  and that song has now been recorded by the son of another famous musician.

The song is called “Chasing Stars,” and it’s the new single from Matteo Bocelli, son of legendary opera singer Andrea Bocelli.  You may recall that in 2017, Ed and Andrea recorded a duet version of Ed’s hit song “Perfect” and called it “Perfect Symphony.

“‘Chasing Stars’ was written by me and my brother Matthew about our father, and how he was supportive to us when we were younger with our music,” Ed explains. “I love the finished version with Matteo, he’s such a talent. I hope everyone else enjoys it!”

Matteo says, “Like the Sheeran brothers, I grew up in a family where music was very appreciated. Ed and Matthew wrote the song, but it seems like they wrote it for me. I really feel privileged to be the first to record it.”  He adds, “I truly consider Ed a genius.”

In the song, Matteo sings, “When I was younger/my father was my hero/put me up on his shoulders/we sang to the moon…he’d say to me/Don’t stop chasing stars.”

The song is featured on Matteo’s debut album, Matteo, due out September 12.

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